Classic Style Types

How to Dress Minimal Classic Style

This is the sixth installment of the Classic Closet Style Series. I recommend you read all of the versions because sometimes wearing the wrong details is as big as wearing the right details.

How to Dress Cute Classic

How to Dress Cute Classic

If you love a cute and classic style but aren’t sure how to bring it all together, this guide will help you add some sweet details without looking childish.

Edgy Classic Style

How to Dress Edgy Classic Style

If you love an edgy vibe with your classic wardrobe and need some ideas of how to incorporate it into your style, I break down exactly how to do for work outfits and casual outfits. Learn exactly what to look for in jeans, jackets, shoes, shirts, and jewelry to make it simple for you to make your own fashion statement.

10 Tips for Getting Ready for Work or Home in 20 minutes or less

10 Tips for Getting Ready for Work in 20 Minutes + a VIDEO of My Actual Routine

If getting ready for work at your job or as a stay-at-home mom is a stressor for you, I’ve got the perfect plan to get you ready in 20 minutes or less. I’ve had a corporate job, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, and now I’m a work-at-home-stay-at-home-run-the-kids-around mom. No matter what kind of job you have (and we all have a job), these tips will get you out the door in record time! Number 2 is my biggest downfall.

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