What I Wore When I Had an Adrenal Crash

Adrenal fatigue is my number one roadblock in life. It slams on the brakes for me when I don’t do it for myself. I will drive myself into the ground and still not stop, so my body stops me. It’s frustrating. This is what I wore when I haven’t been feeling great. Some days I was trying to channel better energy with brighter colors, and other days I retreated to soothing colors. Read more to find out what worked…or didn’t. 

What I Wore When I Wore Black All Week

This week has been a bear. So busy and stressful, so I retreated to black. Even my husband said to me a few days ago, “Get your black pants on. You’ll be fine.” #soulmates So that black hole in the picture? That’s me on repeat.

What I Wore When It Started to Feel Like Fall

The weather is finally starting to cool down! I’m so glad because I love to wear jeans much more than shorts, and now it’s socially acceptable. I’ve added a new feature to these posts, plus a favorite item that you’ve asked about is back in stock, so check those out!

What I Wore When We Didn’t Go Out of Town

How was your Labor Day? Summer is officially over, and the temperatures have soared again, but fall will be here soon. This is what I wore when we didn’t go out of town for the holiday, and it turned out to be the best decision. Read on to find out why.

What I Wore After the Kids Went Back to School

Has school started where you live? This is week two, and I’m still trying to recover from the summer. That means I didn’t wear a lot of color, and I kept my outfits comfortable and easy.

What I Wore Right Before School Started

School has started! And the week leading up to it was the final sprint. The last two days have been much quieter around here with five of them gone half the day. At the request of some of you, I took more pictures of the paint job I did on the main floor of my house and shared them at the end of this post. Has school started at your house? Are you excited or sad?

What I Wore to Spice Up My Summer Style

Am I the only one who gets bored with their outfits in the summer? There just aren’t as many options to add dimension and interest. Plus I don’t want more things touching me in this triple-digit heat. My goal this summer is to make my summer outfits as interesting as in the cooler months, and to make sure I get the edge I need. Come see what I’m doing!

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What I Wore 5-17-17 My Spring Uniform

I have a spring uniform that I go back to again and again. This week the weather slowly warmed up, and I went immediately to my uniform. It’s easy, comfortable and stylish. 

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