What I Wore 4-26-17 When I Went Disneybounding

This week I did something uncharacteristically fun. My family and friends were SHOCKED because I’m pretty much no fun at all. My husband brings all the fun to this family, and I jumped in and did something fun too this time. What can I say? I have my moments. 

What I Wore 4-19-17

When spring throws you a curveball (or a snowball) in late April, you make those layers work for you. Here’s how I adapted to the cold weather while embracing the season it should be.

What I Wore 4-12-17

Spring time is when our level of busyness ramps up and just continues until the end of the year. Spring soccer has started, the new swim team year has started, along with a schedule change (apparently), the girls have extra rehearsals for their upcoming recital. We also have four birthdays, end of the school year activities, try outs, and more. It’s the beginning of the crazy. I know I’m not alone in this.

What I Wore 4-05-17

Spring break marches on and it was busy, busy, which I do not consider a break. We had 3 days of swimming, a movie, a chocolate and cheese festival, haircuts and more. I’m pooped! Here is what I wore for a week of busy fun with the kids.

What I Wore 3-29-17

It’s spring break here, so the kids and I have been prepping the gardens, going to swim lessons and movies. The weather is still all over the place, so I’m making the most of my jackets! I love to layer! Reads more about What I wore this week over on the blog!

What I Wore 3-22-17

This week the weather had a mind of its own, just as it does every spring. I finally got out and ran some errands and got caught up on life. Here’s what I wore for a busy week.

What I Wore 12-30-16

With the New Year comes lot of organizing and purging. See what I wore while I tackled some big projects.

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