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14 black and white outfit ideas (1)

14 Chic Black and White Outfit Ideas

Black and white outfits are so chic and elegant, but they can also be boring if it’s not done right.

If you love to dress in neutral colors, I’ve got 10 black and white outfit ideas that will help you look perfect any day of the week. There are casual and dressy options, so you can get inspiration no matter what your lifestyle is.

How many pieces do I need

How Many Pieces Do I Need For My Capsule Wardrobe?

What is the perfect number of pieces for a capsule wardrobe? Is it 33? Is it 10? How do you know how many items to include? Today I’m sharing how to figure out the perfect number for your capsule collection!

3 must-have items for transitional weather

3 Must-Have Items for Transitional Weather

Is anyone else ready for summer to finally happen? If the weather hasn’t caught up to the calendar at your house either, I’m sharing 3 must-have items for changing weather.

Have you ever considered a capsule wardrobe and then discarded the idea because you are worried about the cost? Come find out how much a capsule wardrobe really costs, and whether it could be a good option fo you!

How Much Does a Capsule Wardrobe Really Cost?

Have you considered a capsule wardrobe but were curious about the cost? Is it cost effective or an expensive gimmick? Today we are exploring the real costs behind a capsule wardrobe and whether it’s right for your budget.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Lately, it seems like everyone’s talking about capsule wardrobes. Fashion gurus, Youtubers, influencers, friends — so many people are embracing a more minimalist lifestyle and purging their closets. But what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? And what is it NOT? Today I’m breaking it down for you.

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