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Outfit inspiration for the Fourth of July

Outfit Inspiration for the Fourth of July

Activities on the Fourth of July can range from camping to pool parties and barbecues to parties. I have put together some easy outfit ideas to help you look festive, while still keeping it classy. Check out the post to see even more looks!

3 must-have items for transitional weather

3 Must-Have Items for Transitional Weather

Is anyone else ready for summer to finally happen? If the weather hasn’t caught up to the calendar at your house either, I’m sharing 3 must-have items for changing weather.

Spring 2019 Get Up and Get Stunning Challenge

Classic style comes in many variations, which is why I wrote all about the Classic Style Twists. My Edgy Classic style looks different than your Soft Classic style. Incorporating those special details that create my signature look are what make all the difference, and it can be the same for you! Check out the Get Up Get Stunning Style Challenge and see how I and some of the Society members changed these outfits to suit our personal styles!

Classic Clothing Items I’ve Had in My Closet for 15-20 Years

I’ve had certain clothing pieces in my wardrobe for 10, 15, and even 20 years. I’ve worn them consistently because they are so classic in style. Come see what to look for and what to avoid when buying classic pieces you want to keep for years, and what to avoid as we talk about classic versus trendy. I’m also sharing the items I’ve had for a decade or more that have truly stood the test of time!

What I Wore When I Loved Leopard

Leopard print is a classic pattern that is always fashionable, but it’s a really big trend this spring! I’ve been collecting it in big and small doses. Come check out what I wore when I LOVED Leopard!

How to Personalize Your Classic Style with the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides

If you crave having a personal style that is SO YOU, I’ve got the perfect capsule wardrobe guide for you! With 3 color palettes available (Bold Pure Hues, Light Bright Tints, and Rich Warm Shades), you can customize your classic style with the details that make it perfect for you. Are you Cute Classic, Edgy Classic, Minimal Classic, Soft Classic or Sporty Classic? These guides have everything you need including a curated capsule wardrobe collection, all the shopping links and 100 outfits. Come check out how to customize each one for the perfect spring outfits!

Four Ways to Wear it: Outfit #43

Keeping a capsule wardrobe interesting is a stumbling block for some. One classic outfit can be styled different ways by changing a few details. I’m styling Outfit #43 from the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide four different ways by mixing up a few things. Come check out my styling tips to keep your capsule wardrobe feeling fresh!

What I Wore When I Combined 2 Capsule Wardrobes

We had a short respite from the bitter cold temperatures, and I got to pull out my trench coat, my moto jacket, and even go sans coat a few days! I enjoyed the break. Come see what I wore when I drew from both my fall and winter capsule wardrobes!

What I Wore in Cancun in January

If you are off to Cancun or some other warm-weather beach destination, and you’re not sure what to wear at the resort, I’ve got your packing list! During the day it was all swimsuits and casual, but at night it’s fun to dress up a little more for dinner. Check out what I wore in Cancun in January!

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