Samoa-Flavored S’mores! The Greatest S’mores of Your Life!

 If there is a campfire, I'm there with my s'mores making supplies! Just when I thought they couldn't be any better, I discovered the Samoa-flavored s'more! Yes, I'm referring to those addictive cookies. You will L-O-V-E these!

I’ve actually never loved sweets, even as a kid. I rarely ate more than a few pieces of my Halloween or Christmas candy. I’m fine eating a cookie or a slice of cake, but it’s not something I often crave or seek out, and I pass more often than not. Don’t take that to mean I’m without my vices. I can. not. put down a bag of corn chips to save my life. I’d rather have guacamole and tortilla chips than a candy bar. And nachos are crack to me. Salty, crunchy, carby, fatty foods are my pathway to liver failure. However, s’mores are a major weakness for me. They are one of the few sweets that I L-O-V-E (and funnel cake, but we can talk about that later), and I will eat them until I’m sick.

Since I’ve been sharing tips about spending the weekend at the lake, I thought I’d share something I ate last weekend. Just when I thought s’mores couldn’t be any more amazingly perfect, a few years ago my sister-in-law threw something into the mix that took them to a whole new level. Now we have Samoa-flavored s’mores. You know, Samoas, the incredibly terrible for you but so delicious Girl Scout cookie that comes out once a year and you buy 25 boxes because the little girls at their tables are so cute (the lies we tell ourselves) and you buy an extra freezer just to keep those extra boxes and you portion them to last the whole year? Well, I can’t say these are any healthier, but maybe, and you can have them any time you have access to a fire. Or a stove burner. Or a broiler. 

The secret ingredient? Coconut flavored cookies from Trader Joe’s. Personally, I am never tempted to snack on these as they are, but as the sandwich half to my s’more? I’ll take a whole sleeve, thank you very much. HOw do you make these magical bites? Roast your marshmallows to perfection, add your chocolate squares, and smoosh between those coconuty crunchy goodies. Perfection!

Are they gluten-free? No. But I eat them anyway, fully aware of the price I will pay later. It’s only an occasional indulgence that I can tolerate. There, I’ve confessed my sins. Now you know I don’t stick to my doctor-prescribed diet all the days. I believe there are times to indulge, and when I’m at the lake and there is a campfire with s’mores, I make that choice. Since I’m taking the gluten hit, and I’m going for the greatest s’more of my life, I stick with high-quality dark chocolate that is also dairy-free. I like this kind. Don’t forget the right tools! When we go to the lake or camping, we take these super compact, portable roasting sticks

You are going to love these s’mores! What is your favorite s’mores combo? Have you tried this one?


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2 thoughts on “Samoa-Flavored S’mores! The Greatest S’mores of Your Life!”

  1. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but Aldi’s has the ‘knock-off’ Girl Scout cookies in every flavor, AND you will never know the difference except the price! I’m like you, rarely do I eat sweets…..but there is something about Thin Mints that if I’m not careful, I will eat the whole box!!!! Ugh

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