HERE’S A SECRET:  You can let your natural beauty shine through today!

You know those days? I call them the “record scratch” days.

Those days you’re on top of the world, wearing an outfit you love, only to catch your reflection and think, “Wait, do I look…tired?”

Those days when someone innocently asks, “Are you feeling okay today?” but you feel fine…

It’s not you. It’s the colors you’re wearing!

Wear your best colors, and everything changes.

Suddenly, your complexion is even, your eyes are brighter, and you look healthy, rested, and vibrant… like you just got back from vacation!

And it’s not just a style thing. It’s also a confidence thing.

When you know you look your best, you radiate confidence. And who doesn’t get a little spring in their step when heads turn and the compliments flow?


Are you ready to do that too?

Introducing Seasonal Color Palette Confidence:

Seasonal Color Palette is a course that teaches you to identify your best colors across the spectrum of your personal palette, including those all-essential nudes and neutral colors. Because every season can wear every color…as long as you find your versions of them.

Because you’re unique, this Seasonal Color Palette course focuses on helping you find and wear the best colors for the skin tone you’re blessed with.


  1. Has a natural glow that makes her look younger.
  2. Has bright eyes.
  3. Looks healthy, vibrant, and well-rested.
  4. Radiates confidence.
  5. Gets the compliments.
  6. Gives herself permission to glow.
  7. Has a wardrobe that’s easy to mix and match because the colors always harmonize.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t settle. It’s time you discovered your natural beauty.

Client Stories

No sifting through irrelevant information. No limited color palettes. Just clear, personalized guidance that’s perfect for you.

    • No more expensive consultants – discover your personal color palette with The Quick and Easy Way to Find Your Best Colors without spending hundreds of dollars on one expensive consultation.
    • No more drawers full of useless serums and creams – nothing is as transformative to your skin as wearing your best colors!
    • No more wasted money on shopping mistakes – save time and money on wardrobe disasters that don’t make you look or feel your best.
    • No more color confusion – stop feeling limited by a small sample of color swatches and learn how to identify the right version of ANY color you love.

When you join…

You get instant access to the first two modules to help you discover your color season and learn what it means.

With my exclusive Quick and Easy Way to Find Your Best Colors method, you’ll discover your best color palette, so you can look and feel amazing every day!

Start wearing your best colors right away! Learn all about your color season, why it matters, an overview of your personal best color palette, and after you choose your season, a free downloadable and printable color palette to get you started. 

Each Week…

Starting January 5th, you’ll receive new lessons to teach you how to let your natural beauty shine through:

To understand the colors in your palette, you’ll learn the 4 pillars of your color palette and have the right foundation for finding your colors in the real world.

No need to have color palette envy! Every color season can wear every color, you just have to find the right version for you! With the color theory you learned, and some simple formulas, you’ll learn to identify your version of any color so, you’ll know if it’s right for you.

Nudes and neutrals are the color essentials that don’t get enough love. They are the make-or-break foundation of every wardrobe and outfit, and it’s important to get them right.

It’s time to put it into action by learning the best patterns, jewelry, and makeup for you, and the colors to avoid, so you can style it all together. Plus, you’ll get all my secret shopping tips to identify your best colors to save you from those color shopping mistakes.

Put it into action with these amazing bonuses:

Skip the guesswork with a printable color palette tailored to your season.

Shop your closet to make the most of your current wardrobe each season with shopping lists customized to your color palette…Your wardrobe just got put on “easy mode”.

Join a supportive community and connect with other women on the same journey.

Start whenever you want to and review the lessons at any time because the course and all future updates are yours forever.

I provide all the information you need in the course, but I never want you to have an unanswered question! So, I will answer questions live! You can also watch the recordings anytime.

I’m going to make sure you get tremendous value from this course and also know how to implement it into your daily life in a simple and consistent way.

Client Stories


When I was a young girl, my mom discovered seasonal color analysis in the 80s, and I was draped as a winter. I’ve stuck to that most of my life, except for a few years when I strayed because I got caught up in color trends (haven’t we all?).

The before photo is 10 years ago. I’m wearing all the wrong colors, including my makeup and jewelry. My skin is so ruddy I look sunburned…in March, you can’t see my facial features, and I look older than I do now in the picture on the right, all because I’m wearing my best color palette.

And it can be the same for you.

There Are So Many Ways to Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through

If you’ve ever felt less than fantastic in your outfit or simply find it exhausting second-guess what colors work best for you, then Seasonal Color Palette Confidence is the solution.

It’s about helping you to look and feel your best by discovering and wearing YOUR unique color palette.

And right now, you can snap it up for $147.

That’s less than the cost of a nice dinner out!

…And you’ll benefit from even more savings by banishing shopping mistakes from your life forever!



You work so hard to take care of everyone else in your life – isn’t it time you did something for yourself?


  1. Will the course be mostly self-directed, or do you plan on giving personal feedback too? The course is self-directed, but April will be available through the LIVE and recorded Q&A’s.
  2. Can I receive a refund after payment if I change my mind? Due to the nature of the course and the fact that you have instant access to my exclusive Quick and Easy Way to Find Your Best Colors (valued at $300), no refunds are provided.
  3. Can you guarantee specific results? This is a self-directed course and it’s up to you to do the work with the thorough materials I’ve provided.
  4. What if I can’t get started right away? Start whenever you want to and review the lessons at any time because the course and all future updates are yours forever.
  5. Do I have to buy a whole new wardrobe? Nope! The perfect colors are sitting right in your closet! This course will teach you how to find them!
  6. Am I too…(fill in the blank – young, old, short, tall, heavy, small to look stylish? Age, size, height – those don’t determine style or worthiness to look your best everyday…Every woman is her most attractive when she looks and feels her best – and you deserve that.
  7. How long until I see results? As soon as you join, you’ll discover your best palette and receive a free downloadable color palette! It’s the fastest way to update your style. All it takes is changing your shirt (to one that’s already in your closet)!
  8. How is the course delivered? You will receive log-in details within a few minutes of signing up (if you don’t see the email, please check your spam and promotions folders). After that, you’ll receive 2 lessons a week. Each lesson includes detailed lessons with plenty of image examples and discussion of the content.

More Questions? Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

All online sales are final and subject to these terms.

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