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Hi, I’m April @ Stunning Style. Thanks for taking the Chic Style Twist quiz, which you’ll find directly below.

Style is so personal, and no one wants to be a clone. I believe in wearing what you love and what makes you look and feel fantastic. 

That’s not always easy to do with constantly changing trends, changing lifestyles and changing needs. But if you understand the core elements of your style, you can always know if an item is right for you and your wardrobe.

I understand how frustrating it can be to try to pull together an outfit when you have a closet full of clothes (you don’t love and don’t know why) and nothing to wear. 

Join 15,000 other women on our personal style journeys in the Stunning Style family! I share all of my tips, inspiration and ideas to ensure we all feel our best everyday.

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After taking the Chic Style Twist Quiz

To retain your full results, please screenshot them and save them to your computer. If you provided your email address, you will receive emails from “Stunning Style” from the email address giving you more information about your primary Chic Style Twist and how to find your true style! Please check your spam or junk folders if you don’t see the first email come through. If you can’t find it, please email for help!

Ready to Make Classic Style Uniquely Your Own?

The Stunning Style Society Membership helps classic women find their signature style through done-for-you shopping, ongoing style education, and community.

The Society membership includes:

  • A seasonal wardrobe of 30+ curated pieces, most of which you probably already own (we support shopping your closet first!)
  • Hundreds of shopping links labeled by your Chic Style Twist so you can find the perfect items for you (including plus/petite size options!)
  • The Style Steps program, where we take your style and make it your signature!
  • 100+ outfit combinations so you know exactly what to wear each day from your closet
  • An amazing (private) community of over 1,000 classic-style women who are supportive and on their style journeys as well! You can also ask me (April) any questions as we work together to feel and look like ourselves.
  • Ongoing exclusive content and bonuses!

Come discuss chic style and capsule wardrobes on Facebook

Join the Capsule Wardrobes for Classic Style Facebook Group to connect with other classic style women, find outfit inspiration, and a weekly Style Snack live video with me. Click the image above to join!
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