The Best Quick, Easy and Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

My healthy chicken tortilla soup recipe is so quick and easy that you won’t even need a slow cooker. 

 My healthy chicken tortilla soup recipe is so easy that you won't even need a slow cooker. This 10-minute recipe is the best one I have ever tasted, and is my favorite way to use up the remnants of my summer garden. It's perfect for a busy night.


Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

The smell of tomato vines, the avalanche of zucchini, and the tangle of watermelons taking over every square inch of the garden are all about to end for the year. We have had a few near misses with frost killing my tomato plants in the last week. I can’t put off any preserving I plan to do. This afternoon when the kids are out of school early, we are going to make chicken tortilla soup for the freezer. This week we ate the last batch from last year’s harvest, and that caused a panic. In years past I have done a lot of canning, and this year I just don’t have the itch. I do plan to do some freezing though. This week I will be making and freezing tortilla soup, chili, sliced peppers, and bottling naturally fermented peppers.

My idea of a good time is working and projects. I love getting things done, and since I’m such a fun mom, I love to pull my kids into my projects and have them work along side me. They actually enjoy this time together in the garden and the kitchen. They’ve been doing it with me since they were old enough to handle a spoon and a trowel. The kids are really excited to harvest the garden and stock the freezer today. We will start with the quickest and easiest project, which is tortilla soup. I can make and freeze 12 batches in less than an hour, it’s that easy. This year I may have to do 24 batches because my ravenous eaters now require 2 gallon-size freezer bags of soup to satisfy them.

Sometimes by the time dinner rolls around, I don’t have any energy left for making dinner. That is when I turn to these freezer meals from my garden, like tortilla soup and chicken with garden vegetables. It is incredibly fast and easy to make, and so delicious. I usually have what I need on hand, and it can be ready in 10 minutes from scratch. This is hands down one of our favorite meals . When all six kids love something, that’s a win! I’ve also made this to take a last-minute meal to a friend or give to them to keep in their freezer when they need it. 


The tools

I make this in my Blendtec blender (a Vitamix is equivalent). If you don’t have one, you seriously, SERIOUSLY need one. They are expensive, but I’d had mine for six years, and haven’t regretted investing in it once. You can get a great deal on a refurbished one here. I had my faithful Oster blender for years, and when I finally made the switch, I only regretted not doing it sooner. I use my Blendtec a minimum of 3 times a day, and it is worth every penny. This soup will be so smooth and silky after 90 seconds you won’t even believe it. Don’t feel like you can’t make this without one, but it will take more chopping and turns in the blender to get it this smooth.

We use these soup and sandwich serving sets all winter long because soup is our favorite.

If the smell of tomato vines still lingers in your garden, get out there and grab a few to make this soup. You will thank me tonight, and in February when you ladle up your bowls again and again.


 My healthy chicken tortilla soup recipe is so easy that you won't even need a slow cooker. This 10-minute recipe is the best one I have ever tasted, and is my favorite way to use up the remnants of my summer garden. It's perfect for a busy night.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

2 Roma tomatoes

½ large carrot, scrubbed

1” slice red pepper (1/3 cup)

¼ avocado

1 chunk onion (about 2 tbsp)

1”x1” cube pepper jack cheese – optional. I now leave this out because of my dairy intolerance

2 sprigs fresh cilantro

¾ tsp salt

¾ tsp garlic powder or 2 cloves roasted garlic

2 c warm water 

1 tbsp taco seasoning

handful tortilla chips (optional)

1/2-1 cup poached chicken (or those pouches of pulled rotisserie chicken from Costco, which is what I use, and how it’s so fast)


Put everything but the chicken in the blender and blend on the soup function.* Then add the chicken and pulse 2-3 times. You can also chop the chicken if you like larger chunks. That’s it. Dinner is ready!


Serve with:



More tortilla chips

Jalapeno slices


To serve I put a scoop of corn and ¼ of a sliced avocado in each bowl. Ladle the soup on top and serve with tortilla chips.

I make double batches, and I put all the doubled ingredients in but only the 2 cups of water because more than that and it will overflow (and by overflow I mean explode all over you and your kitchen). After it’s blended I add the other 2 cups of water and pulse to combine.

FREEZER TIP: Freeze them laying flat on jelly roll pans so you can stack them like files in the freezer. They take up less space that way.


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6 thoughts on “The Best Quick, Easy and Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe”

  1. My whole family loved this soup! I really liked how quick and easy it was without compromising health. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I tried your soup tonight and it was delicious! It was so quick and easy. I love how you gave the idea that it can be frozen. So while I was cooking, I chopped up the leftover vegetables like the avocado and pepper along with spices and threw them in separate freezer bags while I cooked. Thanks for the quick meal and freezer idea!

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