The Secret to Switching Purses in Less Than a Minute

 I love being able to switch purses with my outfits, and this one trick makes it possible to switch purses in less than a minute. It also keeps my purse organized and clean.

For most of my life I was the girl who bought a neutral, sensible purse and used it for at least a year, every day, year round, until it wasn’t fit to carry. I didn’t switch purses, ever. I didn’t have time for that, even before I had kids. I was busy, like most women. I couldn’t imagine people who changed purses as often as they changed clothes, but in the last year I’ve become the girl who changes my purse daily if it suits my mood, and my outfit. My purse used to be a utilitarian thing, and now it’s an accessory that I love to change.

I’m as busy as I ever was, and I don’t have time to spend on something like that if it takes more than 30 seconds. I have a simple secret that not only makes it fast and easy to switch purses, but it makes my purses much more organized and my things easier to find. I started doing this a few years ago, and only recently realized how easy it would make it to switch purses when I want to.


I keep everything in my purse in small pouches. I only have to grab these few pouches and move them, and then I’m done. I also don’t have a bunch of little things rolling around the bottom of my purse. Instead of having to pull 50 things out of my purse, I pull four things out. I can find my things so easily. If I want my lipgloss, it’s in the striped pouch. If my kids need an epi-pen (which unfortunately they have), they are in the black pouch. Money, credit cards, receipts and all the obvious things are in my wallet. Another bonus is that striped pouch can easily become a clutch.

An added benefit is that my purse is always clean this way. As I pull out the pouches, any stray pieces of paper gets tossed, so I no longer look like I’m on my way to a tax audit with a purse full of grocery receipts and random pieces of paper. In the video I grabbed the purse I happened to be carrying for a full week for the first swap, and I show you how I sort the loose, extra papers in there. I didn’t even look in it before I made the video. It’s the real deal.

The purses in the video are this pink one by Kate Spade, also similar here and here. The red Tory Burch is no longer available, but similar here, herehere and here. The blue Rebecca Minkoff is no longer available, but similar here, here, here and here. Black studded Tory Burch no longer available, but similar here, here, here and here. Silver Michael Kors similar here, here. The red purse shown in the graphic at the top is here.

Below I found some cute pouches you can use to organize your purse too. Some of them come with built in phone chargers as well. I’ve got my eye on that silver one.

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      A new purse is a perfect birthday present! Mother’s Day is coming too, so it could be your chance to get 2!

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