Pulled Pork Salad With Creamy BBQ Dressing

I have so many food intolerances and restrictions that have popped up over the last few years, but I love food, and I hate missing out. I also refuse to make two meals or tie my family to my limitations. My solution is to find ways to adapt what I’m making for the family to meet my needs. 

We love pulled pork sandwiches, but gluten is not my friend, so I make mine into a salad. Dairy is also not my friend, but I love creamy dressings. I made up a creamy dressing that is delicious and dairy-free. It’s all quick and easy and VERY tasty. I don’t feel cheated at all.

To make this faster, I have a few tricks. First, I buy the pulled pork from Costco. It’s so good and fairly virtuous as far as ingredients. We always keep some on hand for a busy night. Second I buy the julienned (matchstick) carrots precut that way from the grocery store.

I make a big salad for the whole family, serve the pork with rolls for them, and put the pork on my salad instead of eating it as a side dish. My kids love to drizzle the same dressing on their sandwiches and salads. I love how colorful the salad is. 

I make my own barbecue sauce in large batches and freeze it in jam jars. I love the vinegary barbecue sauce instead of the sweet stuff, so that is what I usually use. Feel free to use whatever sauce you like. This is a good store-bought one I’ve tried.



2 heads Romaine lettuce

1 orange pepper, diced

1 red pepper, diced

1 English cucumber, diced

Julienne sliced carrots (I buy them cut that way from the grocery store)

Red onion thinly sliced

Pulled Pork



Mayonnaise (try my homemade version here)

Barbecue sauce (I’ve used this one and really like it)


I don’t really have measurements for this. I put some mayo in a bowl, and then I add barbecue sauce until it tastes good. It’s probably a 2:1 ratio of barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. It has a very distinct barbecue flavor. The mayo is just to make it creamy.


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