2020 Closet Clean Out Challenge!

Does your closet look like this? Time for a closet clean out!

Are you feeling closet overwhelm?

Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe we feel overwhelmed by the influx of stuff after Christmas, maybe because we are interested in capsule wardrobes, but my community is buzzing about cleaning out our closets and purging. I did a big closet purge last year, and I still want to cull even more.

For those of you in my free Facebook group, Capsule Wardrobes for Classic Style, you heard the exciting announcement that for the next 5-6 weeks, we are going to purge our closets TOGETHER. Each week I will share exactly what I get rid of…and most importantly WHY I’m letting certain things go!

Purging your wardrobe can be overwhelming, so we are going to do it one category at a time, in manageable amounts…together. No destroying your closet and bedroom and not being able to put it back together. No standing in your closet wondering where to start…and quitting. No blocking out an entire weekend to tackle this. 

How the challenge is going to work

Starting this Wednesday, the weekly Facebook live in my free Facebook group, Capsule Wardrobes for Classic Style, will be me sharing what I’ve purged from one clothing category (tops, bottom, shoes, etc.), and exactly why I’m getting rid of these items. During the next week you’ll take what you have learned and do a clean out of that clothing type, post pictures and YOUR why in the Facebook group.

I’ll also post these closet clean out videos here on my website for those of you who do not use Facebook!

If you want accountability, inspiration, and  somewhere to share your aha moments and triumphs, the Facebook group is the perfect place to share!

Reasons you should consider a closet clean out

Having a great capsule wardrobe or intentional wardrobe isn’t about finding an exact number of pieces, but about finding cohesive pieces that you love and wear often. Style is a continuous journey for most of us, and this often leaves us with wild card items in our closet that we just. don’t. wear. 

Not sure if a closet clean out is right for you? Here are several reasons you should consider it:

  • You feel overwhelmed when you see or think about your closet
  • Choosing an outfit for the day requires a machete to hack your way through the jungle of clothes
  • You have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear because you can’t find anything
  • You’ll save time getting dressed…because you can see the clothes you have and LOVE
  • You are wearing favorites over and over and everything else is ignored
  • You love, in theory, certain special items…when they are on the hanger…where they have been for at least the last year
  • You have multiple clothing sizes
  • You can donate to a worthy cause or make a little cash (see links at the bottom for some great ways to do either)
  • You buy the same items again and again, only to realize you already have one (ok, four) just like it
Sound familiar? I won’t judge. I’ve been there. We’re going to clear out the things you don’t love so you can get to the things you do love! Are you in? Comment down below if you’re joining me, and then join the Facebook group so we can get started!!

See below for some useful links as we prepare, including the videos from my previous closet clean out.

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USeful Links

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