2020 Closet Clean Out Challenge Week 3: Dresses and Layers

This week in the 2020 Closet Clean Out Challenge we reviewed all the dresses and layers in my closet that I’ve decided to not keep them for very specific reasons, including:

  • They don’t fit my Classic Style Twist (not sure what your Classic Style Twist is? Click here to take the Quiz).
  • Fit
  • Not worth being tailored
  • Not wanting to strip to go to the bathroom…ladies, you understand what I’m saying!
  • Refusing to fuss with my clothes

Have you been participating in the Closet Clean Out Challenge? Whether you are, or just looking for good ideas, join us in the Capsule Wardrobes for Classic Style Facebook group!

Stunner of the Week

"My favorite thing about the Stunning Style Society is the self-confidence I’ve gained. I’ve learned how to put together outfits and add items to my wardrobe that fit my shape, my lifestyle and my budget. It’s not just about the wardrobe guides. The real secret sauce comes from April’s ongoing guidance, plus the warm support and friendship among the members. In just a few short months, I’ve gone from being tremendously self-critical to feeling like “I’ve got this!” every single day."
Melinda B.
Society Member

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Hoping to sell some of your purged items? I love Poshmark, and these how-to tutorials on how to use Poshmark will take all the guess work out:

Hoping to donate your reusable items?

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2 thoughts on “2020 Closet Clean Out Challenge Week 3: Dresses and Layers”

  1. When you discussed your reasoning for purging your cardigans, I had an aah ha moment. I have purchased a few longer cardigans and I end up not wearing them. The excess fabric around the hip and thigh area is why I put it on and take it back off. I have purchased a few things because they are so trendy and I love them on other people but not so much on myself. Keep going through your thought process with us. It really helps us to understand why an item we have may not be working for us. I am excited to see the new spring guides. I live in Arizona and spring is very short here. Spring is March and part of April. May temps are generally in the 90’s.
    Thanks April

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