2020 Closet Clean Out Challenge Week 4: Shoes & Accessories

It’s Week 4 – the final week of our 2020 Closet Clean Out Challenge! We’ve conquered tops (week 1), bottoms (week 2), dresses and layers (week 3) and today dive in to my shoes and accessories! I also make a big announcement to keep momentum now that we have trimmed our closets down to things we love. 

Today’s Exciting Announcement (at minute 43:30 in the video): 

Starting today, February 5, 2020, we are starting our Shop Your Closet Challenge. We did this a few months ago and it was a great opportunity to continue to learn what we love and what we already have in our closets…and there will be prizes! 

So how does the shop your closet challenge work? 

Each day, starting today, for the next nine days I will be posting an outfit from the prior year Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide at 6 pm for you to leverage as inspiration for the next day’s outfit. Post a picture of your outfit in my free Capsule Wardrobes for Classic Style Facebook group each day.

I will be watching and participating in the group and will have prizes for those that participate, so join in the challenge today! The prizes include a $100 gift card and 4 $50 gift cards!

Other links I mention:

Why Did I get rid of certain items? See the video for the items


  • I have too many
  • Too big
  • I just don’t wear them
  • I have too many and wear the same ones over and over
  • They are the wrong color
  • They don’t fit my body type 
  • They slide around my arm too much
  • Doesn’t fit my Classic Style Twist
  • Too big, or the clasp is too big
  • Too heavy
  • Now that I’ve grown my hair out, small earrings don’t make an impact anymore
  • Doesn’t fit my Classic Style Twist
  • They accentuate my pointy ears 🙂
  • The color gets lost in my hair so they don’t make an impact


  • Too big for my current lifestyle
  • I have too many
  • I don’t want to polish them
  • Too much movement
  • Poor quality

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