The Ultimate Guide to What to Wear in Japan in April

If you’re not sure what to wear in Japan in April, I’ve got the perfect solution.

 If you're not sure what to wear in Japan in spring, I've got you covered. My Japan Spring Wardrobe Guide has 3 different packing lists based on weather, 45 outfit combinations, 5 pages of Japan travel tips, and so much more! No more guessing what to pack for a spring time trip to Japan! This wardrobe is also perfect for Europe and many U.S. destinations. 

Packing for spring in Japan has never been easier

“But it is a sort of April-weather life that we lead in this world. A little sunshine is generally the prelude to a storm.”

— William Cowper

Is there a month that is more fickle than April? And is there a month that is harder to pack for? My namesake month can bring snow, showers, or scorchers, but it always brings promise. It also brings blossoms, cherry blossoms, more specifically. When my husband took me to Japan for my birthday, I had no idea what to wear in Japan in April, but after a lot of research about the weather and destinations we were going to, I packed just what I needed.

Our trip took us as far north as Nikko, and as far south as Himeji, and the spring weather varied greatly based on location and Mother Nature’s temperament, which tends to be foul in the early spring. We encountered freezing temperatures, snow on the ground, and sakura on the trees in Nikko. We were gifted with sunshine and full blossoms in Himeji, Magome and Tsumago. We survived a deluge in Kyoto, winds strong enough to carry us to Oz in Nara, and Tokyo gave us a little of everything.

On top of the challenges of packing for the varied weather, I only pack in a carry-on, so I needed to choose the perfect items to be ready for any weather.

I created the Stunning Style Japan Spring Travel Wardrobe Guide so packing for a spring-time trip to Japan doesn’t have to be a challenge for you! To accommodate the variety of weather you could encounter, I created 3 versions of the same wardrobe: early spring and cold, mid-spring and temperate, late spring and warm. For each version I created 15 outfits, and all of it will fit in a carry-on suitcase.

This ebook is for you if:

  • You want to be comfortable and chic
  • You want to dress appropriately for the culture and country you’re visiting
  • You aren’t sure how to pack for a variety of locations, activities and weather
  • You agonize over what to pack
  • You want to pack in a carry-on
  • You don’t know how to mix and match a capsule wardrobe
  • You don’t have time to do all the research about what to pack
  • You usually overpack
  • You are worried about packing things that don’t go together
  • You want packing to be EASY

The classic pieces included in the wardrobes are all readily available in your closet or stores. I created a neutral base and chose 1 accent color, along with information about how to substitute for any colors that you don’t own or care for. We were in Japan in late March and early April, so my wardrobe was a combination of the early spring and mid-spring wardrobes. Since I’ve already been there, done that, I’ve been able to refine the Wardrobe Guide based on what I wish I’d done differently. I’ve also included all the Japan travel tips I learned before and during our trip.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 versions of the wardrobe based on different weather
  • 15 outfits for each wether type. That’s 45 outfits total!
  • Information about Japanese style
  • A peek into the capsule wardrobe concept
  • Packing for the weather
  • How to use the guide
  • Style tips
  • Choosing your outerwear, shoes and purse
  • Packing tips for bringing home souvenirs
  • A shopping list
  • How to substitute colors for those you already have or love
  • 5 pages of travel tips specifically for Japan, from general tips to location-specific.

With the Stunning Style Japan Spring Travel Wardrobe Guide, packing and prepping for your trip will be effortless, space-saving, and you won’t have to guess what to pack or wear. With what you will save on checked baggage fees, you can buy this book and still have money left over.

Packing for a trip has never been easier!

This wardrobe is also perfect for Europe and many U.S. destinations.

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