Your body deserves love and appreciation for all it does for you. And you deserve to feel confident every day.

HERE’S A SECRET:  Most women think there is something wrong with their body. Here’s why that’s not true.

Not all clothes are made for all body shapes, and when you wear the wrong styles of clothing, they will create “flaws” you don’t have, like a muffin top. And it doesn’t matter what size you are. Why?

Pretend you have a sailboat, beautiful, sleek, fun, and absolutely perfect for you. 

But what if you bought a boat cover to protect your precious sailboat and it was meant for a speedboat? They have completely different shapes and it will never fit.

Would you curse the boat for being the wrong size and shape, or would you buy a different boat cover that fits properly?

Buying clothes that are meant for another body shape and cursing your body for not looking right in them is the same thing. It’s not you! It’s the clothes! By choosing clothes that are made for and suit your body shape, you will not only look great, but you’ll also feel great! Now…

Let’s Bust Those Body Shape Myths: Are you ready for the truth?

the diet and exercise myth

If you’ve ever punished your body or berated yourself because something doesn’t look the same on you as other women, then Style Your Silhouette is the solution. 

You don’t need to diet or exercise to look and feel your best in your clothes. Learn to dress and love the body you have today and the transformation will be astonishing!

the body blame myth

Good news! It’s not you, IT’S THE CLOTHES…your body is perfect and you don’t need to hide anything! 

Different styles of clothing are cut to fit certain body shapes, and it’s common to blame your body when the clothes are the problem. It’s not you, it’s the clothes! And when you find the right ones, you’ll see and instant transformation.

the instagram body myth

The “perfect bodies” on social media and magazines come from Photoshop, not diet and exercise, and it’s an impossible standard to achieve. 

Celebrities and models don’t even look like that in real life, and it’s their full-time job! Dressing for your body shape is the number one tool in every Hollywood stylist’s tool kit, and you can use it too.

Introducing Style Your Silhouette: 

This will make the biggest difference in 

how you feel in your clothes

A course that teaches you exactly how to choose the best tops, pants, skirts, shorts, undergarments, shoes, and accessories to highlight your figure at its best.

Because you’re unique, this course focuses on helping you find and wear the best clothes for the body you’re blessed with.


  1. Looks her best…and knows it. She walks out the door full of confidence.
  2. Knows which clothes are made for her body shape and how to find them.
  3. Saves time, money, and frustration from buying clothes that aren’t made for her fabulous figure.
  4. Looks fabulous instead of frumpy.

Client Stories

People keep asking if I lost weight, but I haven't!

“Since I started dressing for my body shape, people ask me if I’ve lost weight, but I haven’t! I just changed how I dress. 

As an apple, I’ve learned how to balance my figure, give the illusion I have a waist, and take the attention away from my tummy.” 

– Kim K.

In the store, I bypassed all the pants that are wrong for my shape. Yay!

“After watching the pants lesson, I walked into the store and was in and out in about 10 minutes!! Unbelievable time saver. I completely bypassed all the tables of pants that weren’t good for my shape! Yay!!!!” 

– Janice W.

My husband keeps saying how great I look now!

Ever since I started dressing for my body shape, my husband keeps telling me how great I look.

-Patti M.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s not you, it’s the clothes and it’s time to spotlight your best features.

Instead of bingeing on YouTube videos, you’ll get clear, personalized guidance about your body shape so you can…

    • Know exactly how to find the best clothes for your shape – skip the frustration and go straight to the clothes that are perfect for your specific body shape instead of sifting through rack after rack and still making shopping mistakes.
    • Eliminate most of your shopping returns – is there anything worse than boxing up and shipping returns, or worse, taking them back to the store? *Shudder* Unless you like throwing away money, you’re going to force your way through the pain.
    • Wear the clothes you love in a way that makes you look amazing! – you don’t have to give up your favorite styles of clothing. 
    • Look amazing and feel amazing – Nothing makes you feel confident like wearing a knockout outfit.

Go from frumpy to fabulous!

Module 1:
Your Body is Beautiful

Sadly, most women have been shamed about their bodies throughout their lifetimes. It’s time for a mindset shift from body shame to body love and focus on how beautiful every shape and size is.

Module 2:
Discover Your Body Shape

After confirming the body shapes of hundreds of women, more than half of them thought they were one body shape, but were actually another. It’s time to learn about the various body shapes and discover what yours is. 

MOdule 3:
Your Perfect Tops

Now that you know what your beautiful body shape is, let’s dive into the details of the tops that are perfect for you, so you can start looking and feeling amazing right away!

Module 4:
Your Perfect Bottoms

Most women dread shopping for pants, jeans, shorts and skirts because there are so many types out there! In module four, you’ll learn the exact details of YOUR perfect pants, so you can shop confidently and easily. No more frustration!

Module 5:
Shoes and Accessories

Shoes and accessories are the icing on a very beautiful cake. They are fun! And they can do amazing things for your body shape. 

MOdule 6:

One of the most impactful things you can do for your body shape is to get the right undergarments. They are the foundation of every outfit and a key part in highlighting the best parts of your figure.

Put it into action with these amazing bonuses:

Bonus 1:
Body Shape Confirmation

When you buy within 48 hours, I will personally confirm your body shape to ensure you get the best results. This critical step, which many women get wrong, sets you up for success.

Bonus 2:
Ask April

While going through the course, you’ll have the opportunity to submit three emailed questions to clarify course content for April to answer.

bonus 3:
Lifetime Access

Start whenever you want to and review the lessons at any time because the course and all future updates are yours forever.

Now I know which jeans work for my body shape!

Now I know how to dress to flatter my body shape!

Now I know what to wear to suit my large bust!


Since I was a young teen, I was taught to hate my body shape more and more as it changed through the years. 

When I didn’t look good in certain trends (like skinny jeans), I blamed my body. But when I realized that certain styles, like skinny jeans, aren’t made for curvy bottoms and hips, it was so freeing. It wasn’t me; it was the clothes!

In Style Your Silhouette, I teach you which clothes are made for your body shape so you can focus on how to spotlight your best features.

Let me help you break free of body shame and learn to dress and love the body you have today, so you can look and feel amazing right now.

There Are So Many Ways to Make the Most of Your Fabulous Shape

If you’ve ever punished your body or berated yourself because something doesn’t look the same on you as other women, then Style Your Silhouette is the solution. 

It’s about loving and dressing the body you have today.

And right now, instead of $347, you can snap it up for $247.

How many diet and exercise programs or months of a gym membership (that you may or may not be using…) would it cost to pay for this? And… you’ll benefit even from even more savings by banishing shopping mistakes from your life forever.

It’s about loving and dressing the body you have today!


Your body deserves love and appreciation for all it does for you. And you deserve to feel confident every day.


Should I wait until I'm at my goal size/weight?

No matter what size you are, wearing the clothes for your body will create flaws that don’t exist, so losing weight and toning up won’t solve your problem if you don’t follow these tips. Besides that, you deserve to look amazing and feel confident now. Today. You are worth that.

Am I too…(fill in the blank – young, old, short, tall, heavy, small to look stylish?

Age, size, height – those don’t determine style or worthiness to look your best everyday…Every woman is her most attractive when she looks and feels her best – and you deserve that.

What if I can’t get started right away?

Start whenever you want to and review the lessons at any time because the course and all future updates are yours forever.

Do I have to buy a whole new wardrobe?

Nope! You probably have some great items in your wardrobe. This course will teach you how to find them and how to wear them together!

Do you offer financing/payment plans?

Yes, we offer 3-part payment plan over 30 days.

What if I've already taken a body shape course?

Style Your Silhouette is different than any body shape course out there. We focus on showcasing your best assets, not hiding “flaws” and dressing and loving the body you have today. Style Your Silhouette is NOT a general overview of all body shape with sweeping recommendations. It is the most thorough, specific, and tailored to your body shape course out there. You’ll walk away with a crystal-clear understanding of how to create complete outfits that flatter your silhouette. 

Can you guarantee specific results?

This is a self-directed course and, as with anything you learn, you will get out of it what you put into it. You have everything you need to succeed with the thorough materials I’ve provided. 

Will the course be mostly self-directed, or do you plan on giving personal feedback too?

The course is self-directed with an extensive amount of materials (Q&A videos, photos, etc.) that will answer your questions and ensure you get the most value for your time.

Can I receive a refund after payment if I change my mind?

Get access to the most in-depth, easy-to-understand, and body positive body shape course for 15 days and, if you don’t feel it is life changing, just email us and we will refund your purchase – no questions asked.

More Questions?

Email the team at: [email protected]and we will get back to you ASAP!

DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. I do have thousands of students who have gained confidence and the knowledge to dress and love their bodies in their personal style.

All online sales are subject to these terms.

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