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How to Pack These 45 Lunch Ideas the Quick and Easy Way

Back-to-school means packing lunches, and I have 45 lunch ideas that don’t include a single sandwich, as well as some great tips to make this job quick and easy. This list is perfect for school, work, daycare, picnics or anywhere you need a portable meal. Most of the options are also gluten-free and dairy-free!

How to Cope When the Future is Uncertain

As much as I wish I could plan and schedule the rest of my life, I can’t. I take comfort in the constant things in my life, but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, or there is a big new question mark in my life. What is going to happen? When will I know? What do I do now? Several years ago I found myself in that situation for a few years, and I found a way to make life work anyway.

The Easiest Back-to-School Supplies Shopping EVER!

Does back-to-school supply shopping for the kids make you crazy? It is the WORST, but you don’t have to panic when the school supply lists come out. I have four tips to make this the easiest school supply shopping you have ever done. These tips will change your life!

Don’t have school supplies to shop for? I bet you know lots of people who do! Friends, daughters, sisters, cousins, and neighbors. Share this post with them! They will love you for it! And so will I.

Three Natural Mosquito-Repelling Tactics

Mosquito repellent is necessary, but I don’t want to poison myself or my family with DEET. I’ve tried so many DIY homemade options, essential oils and more. I’ve narrowed it down to my top three favorite natural mosquito-repelling tactics.

The Secret to Staying Sane During Summer Break

Summertime fun with kids can also wear you out! It can be hard work to have so much fun, and after about a week of working your way through the list of 100 fun things to do (whose idea was that anyway?), you might be banging on the doors of the school begging for summer classes. I have the secret to staying sane during summer break so it can be a break in between all that fun. 

Teaching Kids to Put Shoes on the Right Feet

It’s important to allow kids to do things by themselves, and an easy one to help them be successful with is getting their shoes on the right feet. I came up with a simple solution so they can do it on their own.

The Perfect Affordable Summer Shoes for Kids

Summer is around the corner, and I’m already buying the kids’ summer wardrobes, including their summer shoes. A few years ago I found the PERFECT summer shoes for our kids, and they really simplify my life. Come found out what they are and why they make summer easier.

2 Tricks to Eliminate Morning Sickness

I struggled with morning sickness the first 14-16 weeks of every pregnancy. During my last two pregnancies I discovered two tricks that eliminated the morning sickness, and I was so grateful! My baby-making days are over, but I had to share these tips for those who are still in that stage of life. 

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How to Stop and Prevent Muscle Cramps

Have you ever had a horrible muscle cramp that wouldn’t go away? I used to get them all the time, and I finally figured out how to prevent them and stop them within a minute! I’ve shared these tips with so many people, and it always works.

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