December Favorites aka What I Got for Christmas

I’m so excited to share my December favorites with you because they are the things I got for Christmas! Lots of soft, cuddly, cozy things that are perfect in the winter. You will especially love the last one!

An Easy Holiday Outfit Formula from Casual to Cocktail

Not sure what to wear to your holiday parties this season? I have an easy holiday outfit formula that will take you from casual to cocktail, and I put together 6 outfits for inspiration! Some of these outfits use pieces from the Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide, so you may have them on hand already!

The Truth About Black Friday Sales

Are you missing out on the best deals of the season by waiting for Black Friday? We all look forward to Black Friday because it’s officially the start of the Christmas shopping season, the biggest shopping day of the year, and the best deals of the year! Or is it? Are the Black Friday sales really the best prices of the season? Check out my take on if the sales are that great, if it’s worth waiting, and how to get the most out of the sales that day.

The 30 Best Non Tech Toys Your Kids Will Actually Play With

We limit our kids’ screen time a lot, and we don’t give them anything electronic for Christmas or birthdays. We live in a technology age, but they get plenty of that at school. I want my kids to be kids, have fun, and use their imaginations for as long as they can. Check out my list of 30 non-tech toys your kids will love. 

1 Simple Trick Solves the Ultimate Party Planning Problem

Thanksgiving is coming. Then Christmas and New Year’s. There is no need to panic if your guest list is large! It doesn’t matter if you are meal planning for 50 people, for a wedding, or a large family gathering. There is a simple solution to figure out the right quantities of food per person. I’ve included a free chart and some planning tips to make it even easier for you! 

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