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Have you ever considered a capsule wardrobe and then discarded the idea because you are worried about the cost? Come find out how much a capsule wardrobe really costs, and whether it could be a good option fo you!

How Much Does a Capsule Wardrobe Really Cost?

Have you considered a capsule wardrobe but were curious about the cost? Is it cost effective or an expensive gimmick? Today we are exploring the real costs behind a capsule wardrobe and whether it’s right for your budget.

What is Classic Style? Classic Closet Style Series

So many women love how timeless classics style is. It can be modern, preppy, edgy, casual, but overall it is the simple aesthetic the French do so well. Today I’m sharing another installment of the Classic Closet Series: What is Classic Style? We go to the roots of what I have always loved so much. Come check out what classic style is…and isn’t!

How to Dress Minimal Classic

If you love the timeless classic style for women, want to achieve that simple, casual french chic wardrobe, I’m breaking down exactly how to dress minimal classic in the sixth installment of the classic closet wardrobe series. 

How to Dress Sporty Classic

If you want to know how to create classy outfits with a sporty vibe, this post will give you all the details for you to look chic and comfortable every season of the year. Summer, winter, spring, fall, I’ve got you covered! You’re never too old to embrace this casual, but put together look for women of every age. Even if this isn’t your style, it’s important to read so you know what NOT to wear.

How to Dress Soft and Classic: Classic Closet Style Series

If you love a soft and classic style but aren’t sure how to bring it all together, I’ve got your guide so you know how to bring in just enough soft details without looking frumpy. This will make it easier than ever to add a little romantic flair to your outfit.

Even if this isn’t your style, it’s important to read so you know what you don’t want.

How to Dress Edgy Classic: Classic Closet Style Series

If you love an edgy vibe with your classic wardrobe and need some ideas of how to incorporate it into your style, I break down exactly how to do that in your wardrobe for work outfits, casual outfits, what to look for in jeans, jackets, shoes, shirts, and jewelry to make it simple for you to make your own fashion statement. This is the second post in a series on classic wardrobes.

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