closet purge

Cleaning Out My Closet After Weight Loss

After I lost 16 pounds with Stronger U Nutrition, I had to purge my closet with a new frame of mind. Am I willing to tailor these items to fit? If not, then it’s an easy choice to let them go. Clean out my closet with me while I show you what I’m getting rid of and why.

How to Love Your Body Type With a Winter Closet Clear Out

I choose to dress and love the body I have NOW in a way that makes me look and feel fantastic. All body types are beautiful, and you can accentuate that by choosing items that flatter yours. One is no better than the other, they are just different. In this video series I’m taking you through my closet to show you which winter pieces I’m parting with, and why. Come see what I’m purging in this closet clear out. It will inspire you to dress the body you have!

How to Deal with Guilt During a Winter Closet Cleanout

Cleaning out your closet is a lot like breaking up. You part ways with different items for different reasons, but it can be an emotional experience. I’m taking you through my closet in 7 separate videos over the next week to show you which winter pieces I’m parting with, and why. Come see my winter closet purge. It will inspire you to break up with some things yourself!

How to Learn from Your Shopping Mistakes with a Closet Purge

Oh the guilt of a shopping mistake, or several! It stares you down every time you walk into your closet, but it doesn’t have to be that way! A closet purge is the perfect opportunity to learn from those shopping mistakes and turn them into successes. Come watch me purge my own mistakes from the closet and find out what I learned, and how you (and I) can avoid repeating them.

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