What I Wore for the Fall Get Up Get Stunning Challenge Week 2

 In the Fall Wardrobe Guide I chose specific color combinations to get that fall feeling while staying true to my pure hue winter color palette. If you are curious about the Guides and the Society, check out the 10-Day Free Trial of the current guide today ! You’ll get a taste of what we do!

Welcome to week two of the Fall Get Up Get Stunning Challenge! We had so much fun in our group with this one. I specifically chose some unusual color combinations to push them out of their comfort zones to try something new. You never know what you’ll like until you try it! Do I sound like your mom now?

Once again I was inspired and impressed by the outfits, and the ideas and thoughts about how to make an outfit work as an individual.

In the Fall Wardrobe Guide I chose specific color combinations to get that feel feel while staying true to my pure hue winter color palette. If you are curious about the Guides and the Society, check out the 10-Day Free Trial of the current guide today! You’ll get a taste of what we do!

If you want to find out which Classic Style Twist is perfect for you, you can read more about those here.

Day 8: Can we all take a moment to appreciate that my sweater matches my tote PERFECTLY? I love button ups and sweaters, but I have to be sure to add enough #edgyclassic to my outfit or I feel too sweet. The moto jacket, stabby earrings and necklace, and destroyed jeans do it for me. How did you incorporate your classic style twist?

“Day 8. Cyan inspiration. I’m not sure what this style is. I think the animal print could be a little edgy, but the overall outfit doesn’t feel edgy. #classic”

— Mary Jane G.


Day 9: I love this color combo, it feels so autumnal. I confess I have to be in the right mood to color block like this. I intentionally chose a mostly colorless outfit for tomorrow to compensate. I can’t do a lot of color 2 days in a row.

“It finally feels like fall around here and I’ve found these tiny leaf earrings to go with the season. I don’t have a dark denim jacket but I swapped it out for this denim shirt and tied it up to make it looked cropped. #cuteclassic”

— Julie B.


Day 10: My sweater got a big rip in it, and today I just didn’t want a whole lot of color. So I moved the red to my shoes, bag, earrings, and lips, and left my outfit neutral.

“I have a dark chambray shirt on my list of needs. Flipping the look and using my denim blazer today. #getupgetstunning #share”

— Barbara R.


Day 11: my #edgyclassic take on today’s outfit. I chose black corduroy pants to get more of that fall feeling through texture.

“Day 11: So happy to be back home and have my Echo Look to take pics.???? Shopped my Cabi closet for everything expect the new Tee from the #fallguide #getupgetstunning #sportyclassic #share”

— Julie K.


Day 12: Wearing a striped tee under a sweater is a great alternative to a button up. You still get that layered look without the constriction of a button up. I happen to love button ups in general, but not everyone does, so you could try this instead!

“Good morning stunners. Today was a lesson in movement. I’m not sure if I moved more than the outfit but I am so hot right now I’ll have to show you my layering piece in the comments later. Here’s what I discovered today. I enjoy movement somewhere in my outfit. So today I started with this fun top. The long sleeves overwhelmed the proportions and that created a struggle. So I push them up. I started with a frayed hem jean, but that created too much movement. I settled on a straight hem. I also discovered I couldn’t wear anything hanging at the top. I tried lots of jewelry on. I landed on this red piece because it brought the eye up. I’m not sure if it’s top is going to be a keeper because of how difficult it was to style but the tags are off and I’m going for it. It’s really more sweatshirt material making it super warm and perfect for fall and winter. Have any of you struggled finding just the right amount of movement?”

— Patti M.

Popping in super quick for day 13! This week has been a doozy. My husband and daughter were in a car accident this week. Miraculously they walked away with sore muscles and bruises, but my husband’s truck is probably totaled. My parents are in town because our triplets turned 12! We have birthday festivities galore. I chose my leopard flats and belt bc I love them. I love this outfit!

“I’m back from a Facebook break. I really missed all of you! Here’s what I’ve been wearing for the challenge (since I know you’re all wondering haha!) I love the challenge of putting the colors together. And I’ve loved going through the pics you’ve all posted. So much eye candy! You’re all so stunningly beautiful. #fallchallenge”

— Deesha F.


Day 14: This is what I wore for the last outfit of the challenge. I decided to wear my navy Tippi sweater and navy corduroy skirt instead of the dress to show how I could have shopped my closet to get the same look. This outfit was so easy to wear and so comfortable all day. I finally took my picture at 10 p.m.

“Day 14 – I love this dress! It’s versatile and comfy. I never would have found it without Stunning Style. I really needed to replenish my wardrobe and do not like shopping, so the fall guide has been great for me. I am still on the hunt for some red flats, so I’m wearing my style guide inspired black flats instead. I think the purse is kinda edgy. I always wanted to be edgy, but know that’s not totally me. So edgy-soft today and no need of a jacket. I could easily see this dress with sneakers and a scarf for a casual look. Have a great Sunday everyone! #softandedgyclassic #share”

— Anita S.

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