“Hi there. My name is April Grow.”

This is the story of how I went from…

The Lost Years to Perfectly Put Together

I copied the first outfit straight from Pinterest. I thought I was so chic…until I saw this picture and realized this hodgepodge of trends were all wrong FOR ME.

The second photo of this easy and comfortable outfit makes me feel amazing, it’s PERFECTLY ME, and I can easily keep up with my 6 kids and our busy life.

Before Label

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You put on an outfit, tug at the hemline, twirl uncomfortably…

hoping to see it in a different light, only to toss that outfit aside in pure frustration, wondering if you’re just one of those people that clothing reators completely forgot about.
I can relate. In fact, I call those…

StunningStyle AboutTablet Before

…The Lost Years

I didn’t always love the clothes I wore.

I was often lost in a flurry of fashion advice from blogs and Pinterest boards that just wasn’t right for me, and going on shopping sprees to cover up the mistakes in my closet – only to end up with even more mistakes.

When I left corporate America to be a stay-at-home mom of triplets, I had my first major identity crisis. I literally had nothing to wear. A few tees, a couple of chinos, and some sneakers. Not even a pair of jeans! I didn’t have the time or energy to start a new wardrobe.

I limped along with what little I had. Five kids and four years later, we moved across the country and at the same time the silhouettes were changing drastically, and that really sent me into a tailspin.

Perfectly Put Together

Perfectly Put Together

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After baby number 6 I finally decided enough was enough and figured out the steps to:

  • Find MY style, not copy someone else’s
  • Navigate the trends confidently. I know what I love and what I don’t!
  • Create outfits that work for every part of my life, from casual to dressy
  • Shop for any type of clothing with ease
The transformation took some doing. I put in a lot of work, did a slew of fashion courses, pored over online style books, and put aside the impossible mission of looking like the “perfect mom” to looking like the best version of me. This meant I traded in fashion fads for clothing that truly made me feel like I belonged to myself, clothing that fit my lifestyle where it was functional enough to keep up with my kids and fashionable enough to speak to the heart of MY style journey. That’s why I believe…
Pics April Merged

You Deserve a Closet Full of Favorites

The Stunning Style courses can make that happen for you

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You Deserve a Closet Full of Favorites

The Stunning Style courses can make
that happen for you

As a busy mom of 6 kids and 1 fur baby, I want to get dressed in an outfit that matches my personal style, do it as quickly as possible, and move on with my day.

The courses on this site are a tribute to women like you who are frustrated with cookie-cutter advice on what their personal fashion should be.

If you’re fighting the good fight, eager to find clothes that feel as if they were made for you, then you’re in the right place.

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