"Wow you look great in that outfit!"

You’ll never get tired of the compliments.

Join my FREE Masterclass to learn how to curate a stylish outfit in just a few minutes that truly feels like you. 

Forget the fashion fads.

Figure out what works for you.

Frustrated at a closet full of clothes that don’t seem to go together? A bed piled high with items that don’t flatter your figure? And as you peek into the mirror, three outfits later, do you grab that same “meh” outfit because it’s easy?

I’ve been there, and I’m here to tell you, this isn’t your fashion fate.

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“I love how put together I feel!”

“My style was all over the place. I really enjoyed pursuing a classic style wardrobe and have learned so much from April. I feel like I’ve found a style that best suits my silhouette and body type.” ~ Jill

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“…and see and improvment in my overall ability to put a stylish outfit together. Longer hair last fall, shorter hair this fall.” ~ Shana

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“…to the Stunning Style Society. It’s so fun to see how my personal style evolved over the years since it began. I’ve saved SO much money because I know what I need each season, and I don’t waste money anymore on items I’ll never wear.” ~ Deesha

Whether you love to…

downplay or dress up, shop minimal classic or ultra-glam, or you’re quite simply comfort first

…here, YOU set the rules.

You’ll learn how to curate amazing outfits, no matter your age, weight and size.
I’m just here to help you lead with confidence.

Become your own favorite stylist…

with my FREE Masterclass.

Where there is fashion, there are fundamentals. But, hey, it’s also supposed to be fun!

This hour-long, totally free Masterclass takes you through 5 essentials
(with examples from my own closet) to put together an outfit with confidence.

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If you’re tired of following haphazard style advice from Pinterest boards or your
BFF who means well but just doesn’t get your style goals, it’s time to crack those secrets yourself.

And the next time you go shopping, you’ll easily spot your shapes, colors, and prints – without the stress.

Free Masterclass

How I went from a fashion follower…

to being my own style superhero.

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Hi, I’m April. When I was a new mom of triplets fresh out of the corporate world, I struggled to hold on to my identity. What followed was a fashion frenzy where I simply copied what worked for others, only to find out it didn’t work for me – at all.

After years of being confronted by a closet full of mistakes, I discovered my own style, and a sense of confidence in the clothes 
I wore.


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