What Is Seasonal Color Analysis and Why Does It Matter?

Wearing your best color palette is key to your style

“You look amazing in that color!”

“That color makes your eyes look so pretty!”

You’ll hear, “Pink is really your color!”

Have you ever received compliments like that? Share in the comments which colors get you the compliments. Hearing compliments like these puts a pep in your step for the rest of the day. Naturally, you start wearing that color more often. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

You might also hear, “Do you feel ok today?” when wearing other colors.

Because not every color, or even every version of the same color, brings the compliments.

So, what gives?

That’s where seasonal color analysis comes in. Each of us has a specific set of colors that make us look AMAZING, and seasonal color analysis shows you which ones to wear to look your best every single day. But, who came up with this?

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A Little History

The study of color in design and art began in the 19th century with a chemist named Michel Eugene Chevraul.

Suzanne Caygill was an American fashion designer who studied color as well and, in the 1950s, began creating individual fashion style guides and color palettes for individual clients.

Her popular teachings inspired the 1980s style phenomenon of Carole Jackson’s book, “Color Me Beautiful”, which was a simplified version of Caygill’s system, which assigned readers to one of four seasons with their own “thirty special colors”.

Hers was the first widely successful and lasting system and the first to expand her teachings to become a business by licensing individual consultants how to analyze women personally and creating a makeup line.

Jackson’s model has inspired many businesses to create their own variations on this system and their own consultant franchises. Many approach it from different angles, some more simplified and others more complex. I won’t get into the many approaches that differentiate each of them because that would take days, but I will share the general idea they all have in common.

What is Seasonal Color Analysis?

The idea of seasonal color analysis includes examining a person’s coloring to determine which colors look best on them. Some programs only factor in skin undertones, whether warm or cool. Others include eye, hair, and lip colors.

Based on these factors, you are assigned to one of four color palettes based on a specific season, winter, spring, summer, or autumn. These are your most flattering colors.

Some programs have names other than the seasons, but most provide general color palettes per color grouping while others provide a customized color palette. However, the underlying concept is the same: some colors look great on you, and others don’t.

Why Does Color Analysis Matter?

Discovering your best color palette can be a game-changer, not only in how you look, but how you feel in the clothes you’re wearing—and you deserve to look and feel amazing! Embracing your color season helps you choose the right colors of clothing, jewelry, and makeup, highlighting the natural beauty of your features, so you look radiant every day.

Wearing your best colors evens out your skin tone, brightens your eyes, and makes you look healthy and vibrant, and…that draws those compliments we all love.

On the flip side, the colors from the other three seasons make you look tired, ill, or older. Your complexion looks washed out, ruddy, sallow, or dull.

Getting your color palette right is important for another reason. When you wear colors from the same season in your outfits, the outfit harmonizes. Have you ever worn an outfit, especially a tonal outfit, and wondered why something was off, why it didn’t work? It’s probably because the clothing colors were a mix of seasons, and they just don’t play nicely.

My mom discovered Color Me Beautiful in the heyday of the 80s, and she even had me draped when I was 8 years old. I’m a winter. I’ve stuck to that most of my life, but there were a few years when I strayed because I was questioning my identity and, by association, my style. I didn’t receive compliments, and looking back at photos, I do look ruddy, older, and tired. I’m a believer.

Sometimes, on social media, I receive comments like, “How do you know? You look great in everything!” I can assure you that’s not true. It only seems that way because I only wear my best colors. And it can be the same for you.

How Do You Know Which Colors are Best for You?

I have a new course coming out next month that teaches you how to discover your personal seasonal color palette with my exclusive Quick and Easy Way to find the Best Colors for You formula, an in-depth explanation of your color season, and how to identify your best colors without color swatches. I’ll train you to see the colors with your eyes instead.

The course includes color studies to teach you the nuances of the trickiest colors based on your personal season, including all the neutrals, so you can find the colors that make you look your very best.

And on top of that, the course teaches you how to find your best nudes for your skin tone. Despite what the fashion industry and retailers would have us believe; most people aren’t the color of a peach crayon. Skin tone and skin depth come in infinite variations.

There is nothing out there like this. You’ll receive a complete seasonal color palette education customized to your personal season.

Wearing your best color palette is the easiest and fastest way to improve how you look and feel in your clothes, and I will teach you everything you need to know, so you can start looking and feeling your best in every outfit you wear. Those compliments that make you feel amazing will start rolling in in no time!

Join my email list at stunningstyle.com/email, so you’ll know as soon as the course is released. 

1 thought on “What Is Seasonal Color Analysis and Why Does It Matter?”

  1. Hi April!
    I’m looking forward to the course and your next video on seasons. I was also swatched by Color Me Beautiful a couple of times in the 80’s but with differing results! It’s been very frustrating. First as a spring and then as a some version of an autumn. But honestly I never thought any of those colors looked all that great on me. I think my natural red hair is what got me slotted into those categories versus my skin tone etc. I have been wearing soft summer colors in the last couple of years and feel like they suit me better. Can’t wait for more info! Love your videos!

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