Classic Style Twists


Classic describes your style perfectly. You find inspiration in timeless looks, tailored cuts of clothing, fine natural fabrics, and leather shoes and handbags. You enjoy the comfort of neutral colors and your closet shows it – especially black and navy, but at times appreciate the pop of bold colors. Whether running errands with your kids, out on the town, off to an appointment, or in a professional environment, you embody beauty, elegance and unapologetic confidence when dressed in your personal Classic Style Twist.

You love to see classic women in their style element as they embody timeless beauty and confidence. Amal Clooney. Victoria Beckham. Coco Chanel. Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelley. Kate Middleton. And classic is never out of place and never dated (read here about how to dress classic without looking dated).


While your core style gravitates to traditional classic, you can bring your own personality to your wardrobe through one or more of the Classic Style Twists. Take the quiz below to learn what your Classic Style Twists are, and then check out the articles linked below to learn how to incorporate those elements into your wardrobe and feel perfectly you.


Minimal Classic

A minimal classic woman is fuss-free. Your classic style is universally appealing, but not overly embellished. Your clothes are as tailored as your preferences. Your look is timeless, and you have pieces in your wardrobe from decades ago, but no one would guess it. You’re an analytical thinker, and your wardrobe reflects your serious side. Learn more here with examples!


A cute classic woman loves the classic wardrobe, but sometimes it feels too serious and heavy to her. She wants to lighten it up without seeming silly, because that’s not her either. She’s a fun combination of cute and classic. She gets down to business, she’s an introvert, she’s practical, but she can be silly, fun, and the life of the (very, very small) party when the mood strikes her.

Keep reading here. I’ll show you how to make it perfect for you.

Cute Classic Cropped


Edgy Classic
An edgy classic loves the edgy side of sophisticated. You’re a lady, but you can definitely hold your own. You stand your ground, but don’t go looking for trouble. You’re not afraid of anyone, even if you should be. You’re going more for high-dollar attorney who will skewer with words in the court room, not with a shoe in an alley. You are classic with a razor-sharp edge, whether it’s your wit or wisdom. Find out how to strike the perfect balance here.


Sporty Classic Cropped
A Sporty Classic woman is on the go, and needs her clothes to fit into her lifestyle, not the other way around. She has a lot to do, whether she is a stay-at-home mom, an empty-nester, works in a casual environment or volunteers with an organization she is passionate about, she has a busy life. She wants to be ready for anything, but still look great. The key is not to confuse this with athleisure, which is far more casual. Find out how to incorporate your sporty style and still feel classically beautiful here.


A soft classic woman is quiet. And so still you could mistake her for a statue when she is sitting in a chair. And she has a deep, intense gaze that makes you feel naked as she peels back the layers of your soul with her eyes. She has a quiet, but powerful voice. She is reliable and trustworthy. She’s classic with a dose of softness. She is serious with a soft, romantic side, and her clothes reflect an added softness anchored by the structure of the rest of her outfit.

Sound familiar? Read on.

Soft Classic

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