Dressing Your Truth 30-Day Challenge Part 2

Once I was a couple of weeks into my challenge, I joined the Dressing Your Truth (DYT) official Facebook page for type fours, which you can only join if you have purchased the full course. There are some unofficial Facebook pages, but this one is the best, in my opinion. The other pages seem to be full of people asking the others to type them. The official page is full of really interesting discussion. I rarely get on my Facebook feed, but I do check the type four page most days.

I’m sure the content of the other type pages differs greatly based on the types, but on our page, several of us post our outfits of the day each day. I had never taken a selfie before, and was very uncomfortable with the idea, but I wanted feedback to make sure I was doing it right (doing it perfectly, because that is what type fours do: perfection). It was really helpful.

What was even more helpful was just taking the pictures for myself. As I went back over my 30 days of outfits I could see trends, both right and wrong. That is when I realized that initially I did it better because I was keeping it simple. I also realized that as the days passed I was leaning heavily toward the secondary 1 side of things, which is more cute. I’m not cute. I don’t do cute. My energy isn’t cute. It’s fierce. Most of the ladies who post outfits of the day are secondary one, though, and most of what I found for inspiration photos on Pinterest were secondary 1, so I fell into the idea that this is how it must be done. Reviewing the pictures helped me see why some things didn’t feel right. I highly recommend photographing your outfits, even if you don’t share them with a soul. Take the pictures, and look at them later to see where you are trending.

I was lucky that another type 4/3 occasionally called me out on being too secondary 1. Apparently my S3 shines through on the internet as well. She is awesome, and I adore her. It was never unkind. She would ask me where my fierceness was. I’m so grateful to her for shining a light on where I was going wrong.

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Day 11: I love this bright plum color, especially paired with turquoise. The top is every so slightly off white instead of bright white, though, and it didn’t look bold enough to pair with the rest of it. Also, polka dots. I can’t. I finally realize I can’t pull off polka dots, but it took me so times to hit that one. Discard pile. At the DYT they do have some items in the type 4 section that are this slightly off white color, so it is a personal choice. I still have some because true white is just hard to find.

Day 12: This necklace is a big fat no. I got it on our trip to Thailand. The color is really more Type 1, as are the circles and the bulk and the noisiness. I realized that I don’t like necklaces with bulk, especially on the sides of my neck. The top is eyelet, which is also more secondary 1. The idea is right, dark wash denim shorts, white top, bold necklace, but the execution is wrong for me. Still, I’m working with what I’ve got.

Day 13: I was having a terrible allergy attack this day, and felt awful. The weather turned unseasonably chilly, and I just wanted to be uber comfortable. I tried out wearing these boyfriend jeans that I had only worn a handful of times. This is an example of a style that I think is so great on others, and feels terrible on me. Also, I had had these white converse for 9 months and not worn them because I didn’t want to get them dirty. It stresses me out to wear them because once they get dirty, they will never be pristine again. They will never be perfect again.

Day 14: I like everything about this except the necklace. It is too long, too bulky and circles. It moves way too much. It would be great for a S1. Other than the necklace, this is good. Bold stripes, parallel lines in my shoes, good colors. All the yesses.

Day 15: This dress is supremely comfortable and easy. I think a bold necklace would make it better. And a tan. It did eventually go in the discard pile bc it doesn’t hold its shape, and the navy isn’t saturated enough. Also, it’s very heavy and hot for summer weather.

Day 16: We had a BBQ to go to, and originally I put on this navy dress that I bought at the DYT store. I had tried putting it on a few other times and took it off every time. This is the day I realized I don’t like full skirts. This dress also had an elastic portion in the back, and every time I moved, it went up and stayed up, so I had to pull it back down. The fabric was very stiff and poofed open at the top so anyone could see down my dress, which meant it required a camisole that would also slide around and need to be readjusted. I kept smoothing down the skirt because it felt gigantic. I realized the dress had to go back. Also, these flats are too S1 because of the round tow and the polka dots. The necklace is actually ovals, but still too round for me. I had this necklace for probably 11 years and never wore it until this challenge.

I was so uncomfortable in this outfit I changed into the blue dress, so it is also a repeat. There is nothing wrong with repeating outfits during the DYT challenge or at any time. The point is to dress in your type to see how you feel, not to wear a different outfit everyday. While it does have a fuller skirt, it lays very flat, and I don’t have to mess with it. It doesn’t move much. The crochet part at the top is iffy for some type 4s, but I am not bothered by it. Maybe I will be next summer, but for now, I still love this dress. I will wear it with different sandals in the future. These are too S1.

Day 17: A big no on the ruffled bib on the shirt and the poofy sleeves. I bought this top in Thailand three years ago and never wore it. Now I know why. Donate pile. Also, no on the skirt for me. I later realized I don’t like fit and flare skirts. I like straight skirts. The skirt also got discarded.

Day 18: The navy and red combo is great, but not the necklace or sandals. They are too S1 for me. Other than that, this is a yes.

Day 19: Love the navy, yellow and turquoise combo, but the necklace is too S1. Are you seeing a trend here? I leaned heavily to the S1 because those were all the examples I saw. It took me a few months to figure that out. I felt a lot better dressing as a type four, but something still felt off, and that was the problem. I needed to stick more to type 4, and if I bring in a secondary, it needs to be my 3. Still, I was working with what I had.

Day 20: All is well except that bulky, round necklace. These straight leg jeans give me the boyfriend jean look in a T4 appropriate way. Still structured and fitted through the thigh with some looser fit from the knee down, without the extra bulk of boyfriend jeans. See how brave I am to wear my Converse again? They are still perfectly white…for now.

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3 thoughts on “Dressing Your Truth 30-Day Challenge Part 2”

  1. I just reread through this.
    Had another A-ha moment. In that other program that shall remain nameless, I couldn’t quite work out what was wrong for me.
    I struggled to and still do struggle to find retail clothes I like.
    I now know it was the quality aspect that I was missing.
    I’ve realised I’d rather buy one piece and have it tailored to fit n wear it to death than have the “lots of stuff”. Tailoring is very expensive here and often hard to find, but it makes a huge difference.

  2. Hey girl I think you are my clone from a distance. Hate myself right now because I have bought too much clothing that just isn’t me. I thought I was a type one when I first started the quiz, and that was based on what I thought I was as a child. I can see it in pictures. I was bubbly but alas, it didn’t last. My upbringing has possibly had something to do with the fact that I’m a four. I was raised by two narcissistic parents and as a defense, the type four emerged. I still don’t know who I truly am until I put on my clothes and think about how I feel. That’s in response to the abuse, I feel. Sure, I can be very silly and happy but as a rule? No way. I am constantly perfecting, like you. Interesting you should mention all this within the context of your awesome blog. No one could pull this off to the extent that you have except a Type 3, which I believe is also my secondary! You rock the Carol Tuttle concept by posting all of this and expressing who you truly are.

    1. Joan, welcome! I’m glad you found me! I’m so sorry you had such a hard time growing up. That must have been really hard. Outside messages definitely affect us in so many ways! I understand the feelings of guilt over the wrong purchases, but instead of punishing yourself for making shopping mistakes, view them as valuable lessons. Give yourself the love and understanding you deserve. EVERYONE makes mistakes, especially shopping mistakes. Including me! If you want help diving deeper into your style, I have a free masterclass that helps you find the right clothes for you. You can find it at stunningstyle.com/masterclass.

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