What I Wore 3-8-17


After the post I wrote about getting ready every single day, I’m going to point out how unfancy my outfits are, and why they look fancy anyway. This was an incredibly busy week. I came home from my trip to California to see my friend, and my husband left for an 11-day work trip the very next day. I was behind when I started, and more things got added to my week. Being dressed and ready at a moment’s notice came in handy more than once.

The weather is so much better today! And I got my hair done. My stylist likes to faux hawk it. I’m wearing a sweater, jeans and moccasins. I added two necklaces. The sunglasses and purse make it even more put together. But honestly the most important part is I’m wearing jeans that are flattering and current, a sweater that flatters me in cut and color. The moccasins are cute, and the double necklaces and earrings are easy accessories to top it off. This whole outfit is very comfortable and easy to wear. I got the kids to school, ran home to work on the blog for an hour, and then had a mid-morning hair appointment. From there I ran 2 errands before I picked up my kids from school. Wednesdays I run the kids from activity to activity all afternoon. If I hadn’t gotten dressed first thing, I’d have been in jammies and looking rough the whole day. Sweater Michael Kors (similar here and here), jeans Express, mocs Saks Fifth Avenue,  small necklace Bling, larger necklace Argento Vivo, purse Kate Spade, earrings Banana Republic.

The bad thing about a pixie cut is I have to get my hair cut every four weeks. The great thing about a pixie cut is I get my hair cut every four weeks. It’s always a good feeling. My stylist gave me more of a faux hawk today.

I’m not as fancy as I look. I’m wearing a sweater and jeans, but I dressed them up with flats, scarf, and necklace. Wearing this doesn’t change my comfort level. I wore a trench, purse and sunglasses to go out. I was glad I was dressed because my 4-wheel drive went out and I had to head to the dealership right after taking the kids to school to get it fixed. That would have been embarrassing in yoga pants and no makeup. I love the chevron pattern in this sweater. It adds a level of detail that makes me look more dressed up. These flats are super comfortable. All of it is. And let’s be honest, a trench dresses up any outfit. If I could go back I’d wear the scarf OR the necklace. Wearing both with the chevron sweater was too much for me. Trench Burberry (similar herehere herehere and here), sweater Banana Republic, jeans Express, flats Rebecca Minkoff (similar here)earrings Bling, scarf Ann Taylor (similar here and here), necklace Argento Vivo, purse Michael Kors (similar here).

On Friday I wore a t-shirt, jeans and sandals. That is extremely not fancy, but because I chose a cute t-shirt, flattering jeans and cute (but very comfortable) sandals, I look much more dressed up than I am. The necklace and the jacket, which are both still very casual, make it feel more dressed up. This outfit says I’m ready for spring. I felt very Audrey Hepburn in jeans and a t-shirt. And you know what I did in this outfit? I dropped the kids off at school then ran in to pay the chaperone fee for the next week. Then I went to the rec center to take care of some things for my son’s swim team registration. After that I headed to the store to pick up the Moana movie because it was just released. On the way I was talking to my sister-in-law who was trying to clean her house before moving out of state this weekend, so I stopped and picked up some cupcakes, then when and got her kids and took them back to my house. After I picked my kids up from school. We came home and had an impromptu birthday party for my daughter (hence the cupcakes with the cousins). We ordered pizza (I had pizza soup), watched the movie, ate cupcakes and had a sleepover with 10 kids ages 2-11.  Jacket (this one is nearly identical to mine and very affordable! And this one has a hood. This one has a hood and silver hardware) and tee J. Crew, jeans Express, sandals BCBG (similar here and here), necklace 2bandits (similar herehere, and here), purse Kate Spade.

Today’s easy unfancy outfit is a simple cotton button up, jeans, jacket and flats. This morning the cousins were still here. We had breakfast and they played all morning before we went out to lunch for a final goodbye before they move far, far away. Then we came home and daddy surprised us by coming home for a few days in the middle of his trip, so we went out for a birthday dinner. I’m so exhausted from all of it. My kids kept asking what is next. I think having the cousins for a 24-hour birthday party, a sleepover, a new movie, pizza night, cupcakes, playing all day with cousins and out to lunch with everyone is more than enough. There is no more. I’m done. I’m dry. Jacket (this one is nearly identical to mine and very affordable! And this one has a hood. This one has a hood and silver hardware) and shirt J. Crew, jeans and flats Express (similar herehere and here), earrings Banana Republic, necklace Lucky but assembled and thought up by me, purse Kate Spade.

This is what I wore to church today. Structured but stretchy saturated denim shirt dress, sandals and a necklace. Dress Ann Taylor (petite version here, similar here and here), sandals Tory Burch (similar herehere and here), necklace Stella and Dot, purse Kate Spade.

Today I’m so worn out from being a single parent and the sudden flurry of activity this weekend. I’m wearing purple for my little girl’s 7th birthday. It’s her favorite color combined with my favorite color. My kids love that I do this, and it’s one more way we incorporate their assigned colors. This outfit is so easy to wear. I’m still not nearly as fancy as I look. This is a button up and jeans. I often wear a t-shirt, sweater or button up and jeans, but people think I’m so dressed up because I choose ones that flatter me. I attribute it to Dressing Your Truth. I think anyone dressing their truth looks more dressed up and put together than someone who doesn’t. You can read about my 30-day challenge here and here, and my before and after hereShirt and jeans Express, shoes Nine West, earrings Bling, necklace Kendra Scott (similar here), bracelet French Connection (similar here and here), purse Michael Kors (similar here).

Continuing to illustrate my point from Monday’s blog post, today’s outfit is very simple, but I still look put together. I didn’t even share a picture with my jacket, which makes me look even more dressed up. This is a t-shirt and jeans with flats and a simple necklace and earrings. Good thing I can do this fast because I accidentally overslept this morning. Tee J. Crew, jeans and flats Express (similar herehere and here), earrings Banana Republic, initial necklace Lucky, purseKate Spade.

My friend gave me a fresh mani pedi. She is practicing for nail tech school. This is her PRACTICING. I can’t even imagine when she goes to school for it. This is just her messing around. I love it!! The red, black and silver one is also by her from a few weeks ago, and I forgot to share it. I get compliments on my nails all the time thanks to her. Thanks Sonya!!

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