What I Wore When Spring Finally Happened

NEW WIW Spring finally

We have had a cold, rainy spring. It snowed last week. Now we are finally having tolerable spring time temperatures, and it’s so nice! I hate cold weather, so I’m loving the warmer temperatures!

I’m so exhausted from Disneyland and have a ton to catch up on. We also had major drama with my daughter the night before. She got hurt and we weren’t sure how badly at first. Fortunately she is ok, and all is well. Tee (similar here). Jeans. Flats (similar here, here, and here). Necklace.

I had to get some things done around the house today. My room has been a disaster from closet purging, sorting, buying summer clothes for the kids and for our trip to Costa Rica in 3 weeks. Mess makes me crazy, but I haven’t had time to tackle it bc it was more than just putting things away. I have to make decisions about these things. I can’t put away the new summer clothes until I pull out the winter clothes, and I can’t pull out the winter clothes until it stops wintering here. I spent part of the morning working on that. I’m not done, but it’s better. I did some other things that I’m behind on. Swiftness has never been part of my package. I’m steady and constant in my work pace. I finally got something green in my wardrobe though! And striped, no less. Tee (long sleeve version here). Jeans. Moccasins (similar here). Necklace (similar herehere, and here).

This outfit shows how I go from day to date night. I know we had an anniversary date last week, but it was squeezed in between 2 birthdays, a trip to Disneyland and running kids to soccer and swim, literally. We haven’t had any time alone, so tonight we are going to dinner and to stay at a hotel and relax before more craziness. Just us. We need it. So during the day I’m wearing these sneakers, and tonight I’m changing into the wedges for a little dressier look. The sandals are definitely the wrong pink, but I think I’m keeping them. On my feet I think I can get away with it. I love all the subtle edgy details of my outfit. Tee (similar here, here and here). Jeans (also similar hereherehere and here). Sneakers (similar herehere and here). Purse. Wedges. Necklace similar here.

We finished our relaxing getaway and then came home to plant tomatoes and peppers. My husband got a last minute invite to the NBA playoffs. He sat third row right behind the Warriors. Apparently he was on ESPN several times. The kids and I had pizza and movie night, so we missed seeing him on TV. Tee similar hereJeans (also similar hereherehere and here). Wedges similar here, here and here. Necklace similar here.

It doesn’t get more classic than this. If I had a uniform, this would be it. Striped tee, ankle pants, statement necklace and flats. Black and white and striped all over with a punch of bold color. Tee (similar here and here). Ankle Pants. Flats (similar here,  herehere and here). Necklace. Earrings.

Has spring sprung where you live?

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