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Weekly outfits from a busy stay-at-home mom of 6 kids, fall style. Bold colors, bold lips, classic and edgy style. Dressing Your Truth Type 4 DYT T4 T4/3. Fall outfits

 Weekly outfits from a busy stay-at-home mom of 6 kids, fall style. Bold colors, bold lips, classic and edgy style. Dressing Your Truth Type 4 DYT T4 T4/3. Fall outfits

These two weeks are super intense, super busy, super hectic and super overwhelming. Both weekends I have big conferences to attend, I’m rolling out an exciting new feature on my blog, and I’m trying to get that live, I have to get lots of content done for the blog in advance for while I’m absent, I’m taking a very technical class that I have homework for, and I have to prepare for these events I’m going to. Oh, and I have a husband, six kids, and a house who need me.

For me that means black. Black, black and all the black. It soothes me when things get too chaotic. This is good chaotic, exciting chaotic, growth chaotic, but chaos nonetheless. I can’t deal with chaos/movement/color in my clothes as well. Wearing all black removes an element of extra for me.

The farther into this week I got, the more intense it got, the more black I wore.

Last December I wore all black the entire month. When I finally wore some color my husband asked if it was a special occasion. Ten minutes later when he came back to our room and saw I had changed into all black, he said, “Yah, I knew that wasn’t going to last.” December is a crazy month that follows two other crazy months, and I had reached my limit.

Maybe next week you will see some color on me. Or I might still be recovering. We’ll see.

Every now and then I feel like wearing color. A lot of color. Pink and cobalt is one of my favorite combos. I started out in the white and pink, and then I was freezing, so the cardigan came out, and there you go. The necessary evolution of an outfit. I will be back in black, white and blue for the next week, but today I’m in technicolor. Tee similar here and here. Cardigan similar here, here. Pants similar here, here, herehere. Necklace similar here and here. Shoes similar here, here, here. Lipsense 1x Purple Reign, 3x Kiss for a Cause, Glossy Gloss.

And so it begins. Fall has arrived overnight with rain, wind, and cooler temps. It has warmed up in the afternoon, but this morning and evening, my fabulous orange hooded trench is keeping me warm and dry on a non-stop go go day. Tee similar here, here. Jeans here (I distressed them myself). Black snake skin slip on sneakers. Trench similar here and here. Similar earrings here. Lipsense 2x Purple Reign, 1x She’s Apples, Glossy Gloss.

I’m at an educational conference today and tomorrow. I don’t want anyone to talk to me, so the look I was going for is unapproachable. I don’t want to chat, bond or make friends. I’m here to learn. This is not a social event for me. It’s a cold, rainy, icky day. Notice how I went from color, to white with black, to black with white? Dress similar hereherehere. Jeans here. Black snake skin slip on sneakers. My favorite crossbody purse. Necklace here. Lipsense 1x blackberry, 3x kiss for a cause, opal gloss. This is my first time using Blackberry, and it went on super streaky, and the first layer of KFAC pulled some of it off in chunks. It was also peeling by lunch time. Gotta figure this out.

Day 2 of operation unapproachable isn’t going so well because I keep engaging and asking questions during the classes. Everyone knows who I am now. They want to discuss my comments on breaks. They address my comments in their comments. I want to hide in the corner, but I came here to learn, so I can’t. Growing up I thought being smart meant never needing to ask questions because you understand everything perfectly. Now I know that smart is knowing that you have to ask questions. I got my hands in the air, waving around like I just don’t care.  #callmehermionegranger#teacherspet  Tunic top similar here and here. Jeans here. Black snake skin slip on sneakers. Jacket similar here, here. Bracelet similar here, herehere. Lipsense 3x Kiss for a Cause, 1x She’s Apples.

First boots of the year! It got crisp overnight around here. And more black. I need to recover from the intensity of the weekend. My brains is spilling over with insights and ideas. This dress is also supremely comfortable, so it’s a perfect win. My kids aren’t sure what to think of this dark lipstick, but I like it for fall. Shirtdress similar here, here. Riding boots similar here, here, here, and here. Bracelet similar herehere. Lipsense 1x blackberry, 3x kiss for a cause, opal gloss. I’m still working out the application. Blackberry is tricky. Shaking the tube for a full 30 seconds helped it go on more evenly, and the color lasted all day this time.

I’ve transitioned from operation unapproachable to operation recovery. My nerves need soothing, and black does it. The snake skin texture on my tee, the destroyed jeans, and the silver accessories add interest to what could be a blah outfit. The weather is spiking to 80 one last time before diving into the 50s, so I’m enjoying short sleeves one last time.

This weekend one of the kids disappeared my keys. We searched all day for them yesterday. We finally resigned ourselves to calling a locksmith this morning. On the phone they said $100. Fine. When he gets here he says $400!!!! IN CASH. Excuse me? I go inside and call the dealership, which is now open. They only want $29 for a new key. I go out to the garage and tell him to forget it and why. He starts to get nasty, so I let. him. have it. Slimy, predatory, lying, exploitive, taking advantage of people in a bad situation. He want’s $30 for his service call, and wants my credit card. You can’t seriously think I would give someone with zero integrity my credit card number or a check do you? Then his service department called to harass me for not going through with the fleecing, and they got an even sharper tongue lashing. He’s lucky he didn’t get a sneaker to the windpipe. Now get off my property. It takes a lot to light my fire, but heaven help you if you do.

That is your PSA for the week. Don’t call a locksmith unless you want to pay in blood.

Tee similar here and here. Jeans here. Sneakers similar herehere. Necklace similar here. Ear crawlers here. Bracelet similar herehere. Jacket similar herehere and here.Lipsense 1x Purple Reign, 3x Kiss for a Cause, Glossy Gloss.

Yesterday was the warm before the storm. Today it’s cold, windy, rainy, and exactly the kind of weather that makes you want to stay home. But I can’t. I have a morning appointment, and my kids have to get to and from school and all their sports. My consolation prize? I get to wear my very favorite trench coat. Black and leather and zippers oh my! Leather collar and sleeves, zipper details on the cuffs and pockets. I want to be buried in it. Top similar here, here, here. Jeans here. Flats similar here, here, here. Trench similar here, and I super love this one. Necklace similar here. Lipsense 1x blackberry, 3x blu-red (it was a very oxblood color, maybe not quite right for me). I added 1x of purple reign and opal gloss. The opal gloss saved it.

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