A Quick And Easy Winter Eyeshadow Look For Every Day

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A Winter Eyeshadow look in less than five minutes!

A Festive Winter Eyeshadow look for every day

As I walked into the Christmas party I was greeted by someone I sort of knew. With a scowl and a dramatic head gesture, she looked me up and down, causing the bells on her Christmas sweater to jingle and the antlers on her headband to light up. Taking in my all-black outfit, she said, “Well you look FESTIVE.”

I was festive. I had on bold lipstick and my winter eyeshadow look. That was all I was willing to do that day.

I have my eyeshadow for everyday look that I love, but I also really enjoy having an everyday seasonal eyeshadow look. In the winter I love to wear bold red, punch-you-in-the-face pink, and pure burgundy (ok, and black. A whole lot of black in between the bursts of color). Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, those colors make me feel seasonal and festive without resorting to bells or antlers. I wear those colors when I feel like it, but even when I don’t, I can get a dose of festive on my face.

Today’s makeup look reminds me of a winter sunset (what is it with me and sunsets? I’ve always loved them). It has the pink, purple and black I see when the sun goes down. It’s also the perfect winter eyeshadow look to make you look merry and bright, even when you’re not in the mood to be merry or bright. I especially love to pair this look with navy, black, red, pink, purple and burgundy clothes.

It’s quick and easy enough to be an everyday look, but it looks like you spent a lot more time than you did. I can do this winter eyeshadow look, along with my whole makeup routine, in 5 minutes.

Now you can walk into a party looking festive, no matter what you are wearing!

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