Winter Closet Favorites – What I Wore On Repeat

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As a style blogger who showcases my real daily outfits, I fight an internal battle. I want to wear my favorite items over and over again. I mean, they are my favorites for a reason. But I worry that my audience will notice and get bored if I’m not always wearing something new and fresh.

Ultimately, I’ve made the decision over and over again that I dress for myself, not for likes on social media. My clothes serve me, my life, and my needs. My hope is that you get inspiration from that, and you value my genuine, everyday approach to style. Most people, including me, can’t afford to wear something new everyday, so I look at ways to style my favorites in different ways.

One of the main purposes of the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides is to show you how a base wardrobe of 30+ classic pieces can be mixed and matched in various ways. You get the shopping links and 100 outfit combinations to copy or gain inspiration from. It can serve as a standalone capsule wardrobe or the base of a larger wardrobe. I hear over and over how easy it makes it to get dressed, and that’s what I wanted!

After filming the winter closet purge series, I decided to film a winter closet favorites video to show you the items I wore over and over this year. I definitely had my favorites. Let’s see if you recognize them.

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