1 Simple Trick to Take Bold Lip Colors from Winter to Spring and Summer

you can still wear your bold lip colors in the summer with one simple trick

I can’t live without my bold lip colors

When the weather gets hot, makeup can feel heavy. Once the snow melts and the earth wakes up, I want to shed the heaviness of winter with lighter clothes, lighter layers, and lighter makeup. That perfect bold pink lip I sported all winter can feel garish in the bright summer sun.

If you are like me and love a bold lip color, you may be wondering what to do in the warmer months when lighter colors feel more appropriate. Pale, nude lip colors wash me out. I look like I just escaped from the morgue. But at the same time, lighter makeup looks and feels better when the weather gets hotter.

What’s a cool-complected girl to do? I can’t go without lipstick. I have a very simple trick that will take your bold, saturated lip colors from winter to spring and summer without having to search out a whole new lip color wardrobe.

Do you prefer a lighter makeup look in the summer? Do you struggle to find a lighter lip color for the warmer months? How do you transition your makeup as the weather changes?

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8 thoughts on “1 Simple Trick to Take Bold Lip Colors from Winter to Spring and Summer”

  1. Thanks April! Very timely. I was just wondering about spring lip color today as the weather is finally more spring like near me. Also, I love the layered necklace with the stripes. I often struggle to find what type of necklace works with stripes. Thanks for your tips!

  2. I can’t wait to try this. I just got the Senegence eye shadow, but left it at home when I had to unexpectedly go out of state. I can’t try it when I get home. Thanks for the awesome tip.

  3. Margot I’m so glad this was timely for you! Necklaces and striped shirts can be tricky. I had considered writing a post about it, so it’s funny you mention it.

  4. Cool tip for cool skin gals. On an unrelated note, I love how you’ve layered those dainty necklaces. Would you consider doing a blogpost on coordinating clothes with jewelry or how to layer it for a bold, interesting, dynamic feel while keeping it classic and incorporating less heavy pieces for summer? You pretty much always touch on it in your "what I wore" posts, but I’d love more in depth examples.

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