What I Wore When I Loved Stripes

How to Wear Stripes Besides a T-Shirt

 If you love striped outfits, there are so many different ways to wear it besides a Breton tee! I'm sharing all my favorite ideas too wear stripes this summer, from navy or black and white, casual or work, and tees to dresses. The last one will surprise you!

“My mom’s favorite color is stripes.” That’s what my daughter wrote on her Mother’s Day questionnaire. Of course she also wrote that my favorite thing to do was watch bad shows, and when I asked her what bad shows I watch, she said, “Downtown Abbey.” She knows me well. Bad shows and all.

Stripes really are my favorite. I have always loved them, and just when I think I have all the stripes I could need, I find another variation. Stripes don’t have to be limited to t-shirts, though. You can bring stripes into your wardrobe in several different ways, and this week I’m sharing my favorites.

Are stripes your favorite color too? How do you like to wear them?

There are plenty of striped looks in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide. 34 classic pieces. 100 outfits. All the shopping links. Stocking your closet and getting dressed was never so easy!

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How to Wear Stripes in Your Outfits

I bought this skirt a year ago, and have only worn it once. It’s navy, turquoise and white, and it’s STRIPES. When I saw Judith T. wearing this outfit in the Stunning Style Society (an exclusive group for those who have purchased the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide), I knew I would basically copy it because it was perfect, and I had a very similar skirt. One of my favorite things about this group is the outfit inspiration and seeing how these stunning women make each of the outfits in the guide their own.

Links to Judith’s tee, sandals, and similar purse available in the  Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide

A black and white striped tee is a year-round must have in my closet. It’s a neutral and goes with EVERYTHING. You can wear this outfit with any color of shorts or skirt you please.

Links to shorts, similar tee, purse, and sandals available in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

When I found this shirt last  year, I wasn’t sure if I loved it or was overwhelmed by it. It can be hard to wear this many hues in one shirt, but I actually really love it. I love this variation on multiple width stripes in a rainbow of colors. I wore this top both trips to Mexico, and to Hawaii this year. I call it my fiesta shirt.

Similar shirt here. Links to shorts and similar purse and sandals in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

I brought in the stripes in my tote on this day. If you aren’t in the mood for pattern on your clothes, this is a great way to add it without feeling overwhelmed because you can put it down at any time and not have it on your body. I love this navy and orange combo. It’s such a summery way to wear a color that many of us reserve for Halloween.

Links to shorts and similar tee, purse, and sandals in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

I love this striped dress. It’s a comfortable t-shirt material that feels like I’m wearing a nightgown, but I look perfectly put together with just one piece. The stripes make it interesting, and the punch of pink adds a little unexpected color.

Links to similar dress, purse and sandals in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

Wearing a bold color striped tee is an easy way to add color and pattern to an outfit without too much fuss. I love the pink and blue combo, and I LOVE these straight leg ankle pants. After I did this post about What I Wore When I Was Inspired by Jackie O., I decided I NEEDED a pair of pants like this. I used to have a pair that were linen, and I literally wore a hole in them bc I wore them so much. I wore them to Greece, and they were perfect for hot travel days. I’m thrilled to have this pair. They are a cotton chino, so not as light and breezy as linen, but also not as wrinkly. I sized up to a 6. I wear a 4 in Express jeans. I also tried both the regular and tall lengths. The regular was perfect for me, and I have a 32-inch inseam. I also ordered the navy, but returned them because they are a dusty, faded navy.

Pants. Similar purse. Links to similar shirt and sandals in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

A classic button up in a striped pattern is a chic way to wear stripes. I love this top and have 12 of them in my closet. I love all the colors and patterns. It’s lightweight, has the button tab rolled sleeve so I can wear it year-round, and I love the spread collar at the top so I can show my jewelry. Why am I wearing jeans when it was 100 degrees outside? I was in meetings all day inside, and I FREEZE. I was sorry I didn’t wear boots and a jacket. #iamfreakingcold

Jeans. Similar shirt (in the original fit I take an XS, in the slim fit I take a S). Similar purse. Link to similar sandals in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

This was day 3 of freezing cold meetings, and I was not only still cold, but wearing a column of navy because I was mentally exhausted. It felt so good to put on this outfit. I kept the color and pattern to a minimum with my bag and shoes, and today I wore the stripes on my sandals. Just enough to give me what I needed: a little color, a little pattern, a little interest, and a lot of soothing. As I mentioned above, the purse was a great way to incorporate color because I put it down most of the time, and it wasn’t ON my body.

Jeans. Links to sandals, and similar purse and tee in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

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  1. Wonderful, as always. A couple days ago I purchased the spring wardrobe guide. Still waiting to be able to get into the Stunning Style Facebook group. I went to the site and answered the questions, but have not heard back. You really put a huge amount of work into the guides. Thank you.

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