What I Wore When I Wore All the Specials

 Sometimes the special, unique items in our wardrobe don't get much wear because they are so distinctive that people will know we are repeating! This week I got out some of my special favorites and showed them off. 

I love basics. I love solids. I love stripes. Most of my wardrobe is made up of these items, and I wear them over and over, often in the same week. But those items in my wardrobe that are so unique and stand out so much that people will definitely notice if I wear them frequently? They get worn once a season. Why? I LOVE to buy items because they are standout pieces, and then I rarely wear them because, *gasp*, people might KNOW I wear my clothes more than once!

What is it with us Americans and not wanting to repeat outfits or clothing items? It’s very much part of our clothing culture, and a big reason why we have turned to fast fashion and cheap clothes and cluttered closets and overwhelm. Gotta have new stuff so nobody thinks I wear my clothes more than once! WHY?

This mentality is something I’m really trying to get away from. So this week I wore some of my special items that definitely stand out and get noticed. And I plan to wear them again soon. I love them, which is why I bought them, so why are they collecting dust in my closet? It makes no sense.

What special items are you not wearing because people will know you repeat your clothes? Get them out of the closet and on your body where they belong!!

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Wear All the Specials

I love the green color of this blouse, but I really love the pattern of the cutouts. The triangles are the perfect edgy classic look. The combination of color and pattern makes this top really memorable, so I haven’t worn it since spring. Every time I reach for it I think, “It hasn’t been long enough.” Now I say, as long as it’s clean, it’s been long enough.

Similar top. Pants. Similar purse. Similar earrings. Links to similar sandals in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

Even though it’s a black and white top, the unique embroidery makes this a standout piece. I feel like the colors could make it a basic I could pair with lots of things. This day the heavy dose of black was just what I needed. Summer is way too busy!

Similar tee. Earrings. Links to similar shorts, sandals, and bag in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

It is so hard to find a pattern with multiple hues beyond stripes, color blocking, or plaid. I’m always looking because sometimes I really crave it. I went all heart eyes when I saw this top! It’s definitely an attention-getter, so I find myself rarely reaching for it, but that changes now! I love it, I’m wearing it. Whenever I want.

Earrings. Links to shorts, similar sandals, and bag in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

Normally I don’t care for eyelet because it’s a very cute classic, but the square pattern of this eyelet henley is perfect for me. I love the navy color. For summer I decided to roll the sleeves, so that officially makes it a 3-season top. I’ve had it for two years and worn it 3 times because I felt too noticeable if I repeated it. I plan to wear it again soon.

Similar topEarrings. Links to shorts, sandals, and similar bag in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

Nothing grabs the eye quite like bold orange, but this dress is so comfortable and easy to wear that it deserves more time! It really feels like a nightgown. I love it paired with this punch-you-in-the-face pink!

Similar dressEarrings. Links to sandals and similar bag in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

I literally gasped and ran-walked across the store when I saw this gorgeous dress. Like I mentioned above, patterned items in hues don’t come along often, and this is a stunner. I’ve worn it 3 other times in the last 6 months, but it didn’t make it on the blog because it was while I was so sick, and on both trips to Mexico. In the past I’ve worn it to summer weddings and on date nights with my husband as well.

Are you planning to pull your specials out and love on them?

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4 thoughts on “What I Wore When I Wore All the Specials”

  1. I like your thinking on wearing the specials and not worrying if someone remembers if you’ve worn them before or not! I am deeply enthralled with the orange dress (what brand is it?!) followed next by the eyelet top; how unique that the eyelet is of square cutouts! Your outfit posts rock; keep ’em coming!

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