Unpack with Me – Hits and Misses in Cancun, Mexico

Check out my travel capsule wardrobe for Cancun!


We were so excited to go on our annual trip to Cancun, Mexico for a mid-winter getaway. I always pack in a carry on bag, and today we are going to unpack my suitcase so I show you what I took, and which items were hits and which I should have left home. I think this is so helpful in refining my packing skills.

We were gone for 7 days, and I’m telling you now, even though I took a mini capsule wardrobe, I OVERPACKED, so I’ve got some hindsight to share, for sure. I shared the actual outfits I wore in this post.

If you are a minimalist packer like me, you know that suitcase space is at a premium, and if you aren’t, check out these posts to see how I’ve done it on other trips, and what I’ve packed in the past!

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6 thoughts on “Unpack with Me – Hits and Misses in Cancun, Mexico”

  1. I’m finding your unpack explainations so interesting! As a predominately Cute Classic I always overpack & tend to enjoy setting my travel outfits apart using different accessories (it’s neat to see the difference). Get-aways give me a chance to use the fun jewelry & adorable shoes (and sometimes bags & has) that I’ve added to my stash. Your 6 swimsuits outdoes even my need for variety- lol!
    Thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Most of our trips are very active, sightseeing trips, so I pack for comfort as well. When I go to the beach, for some reason I feel like I need more variety, and I lose all sense of reason. I easily had a 3-week wardrobe in there. The swimsuits felt great because those were my real outfits. I’m fascinated by other people’s choices as well. I love watching pack with me videos. I’ve never seen another unpack with me video, so I don’t know if anyone else does it.

  3. Hi April,
    Great video – really insightful to get a glimpse into your analysis post-trip!

    I’d love to see the bathing suits/coverups you took too! – got a glimpse of the red/black one from the photo in this blog (where did you get it?)

    And congratulations on losing all that weight!



    1. Thanks Kay! I’m glad it was insightful. I did share the coverups in the video. You aren’t the first person to ask about the swimsuits. I intentionally left them out because it felt the same as showing my underwear. That sounds really silly, doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll add it in.

      The one in my before and after photos and the picture above is from L’Agent Provacateur. I got it a few years ago, but you could probably find it on eBay or Poshmark. The style is called Alenya. The bottoms are a different brand. The bottoms that match the top have that same opening in the front and back, and they are super tiny, and showed my crack, so I passed on those and bought the black ones to coordinate with the black strap on the top.

      I hope this helps!

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