Unpack With Me – Toiletries I Travel With

After the last two Unpack With Me videos, I received SEVERAL requests to unpack my toiletries, so after our recent trip, I did! You may be quite surprised by what I take and what I pack in.

Items i pack

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4 thoughts on “Unpack With Me – Toiletries I Travel With”

  1. I think we pack very close to the same way.
    I use snaplock bags and if I am going international, and I’m only going carry on, I don’t pack a toiletries bag, I pack about 5 extra snap locks and if it doesn’t fit in my 100ml snap lock bag, it can’t go. I do double bag that 100ml bag into a bigger snaplock bag, in case the bag splits, but as we have to now also present all powders (yes, that includes all powder based makeup, plus lipsticks, pencils & mascara) in another 100ml bag leaving Australia, I put both the 100ml bags into the large size zip lock bag and just get them out for customs & security as required.
    I pack dry shampoo and a travel hairspray, plus a comb and brush and clips/hair elastics that go into my straightener bag. Agree, no hairdryer required.
    Agree on the travel toothbrush and toothpaste. I add a travel mouthwash.
    I collect nice hard soaps/amenities kits/shampoos&conditioners/
    Liquid soaps/shower caps from my room mid trip (if it’s labelled) and a stock a large deep dish in my guest bathroom for visitors who forgot something. Same with toothpaste from plane amenities kits.
    I use wipes and old fashioned Nivea all round cream in a small pot and avocado oil in a small tube for all my moisturisers, small Clinique face sunscreen and then a seperate larger Nivea waterproof sunscreen, if it’s a swimming holiday. Also always pack two tubes of paw paw ointment and a small sized tube of Aloe-vera gel for after sun care.
    I pack a small perfume (50ml or under).
    Travelling in Asia, I always pack a 100ml shampoo & conditioner because the hotel provided one is not usually aimed at western hair types and I’ve suffered the birdsnest dry effect too often. I’ve even used my avo oil on my ends like Moroccan oil. The water is usually hard too.
    I like to take a puffy nylon exfoliating sponge in a snap lock. Rolls down with the air pushed out to nothing. I’m not a fan of using hotel wash cloths. I also take two of my Norwex microfibres face cloths that remove everything/ sub well for soap distributors.sometimes I leave the facial wipes behind.
    Same with deodorant. Mine is big but yes, get cranky when The travel job falls apart. Or I use a smaller liquid brand one like Rexona or Dove, rather than the cream one.
    I use a red Eagle Creek minimal toiletries bag (looks like a guys one, but is red) if I’m checking my luggage. Straightener etc in a black eagle creek long thin cube.

    1. I took my Norwex cloths once (I use the body cloths on my face), and bc we typically move around a lot on our trips, they weren’t dry when I had to pack up and got sour. Another trip I accidentally left one behind. So now I leave them home. Thanks for sharing your packing trips. I know you are one of the most seasoned travelers out there. #roadwarrior

  2. I do the same thing with vitamins/medication. If you look in your pharmacy, they sell small baggies for this purpose. They are usually by the plastic weekly pill containers. I love them, so much smaller than a sandwich or snack sized baggie. There is also a spot to write the date on it.

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