More Burgundy Makeup and Nail Polish Options for Cool-Toned Women

You loved my burgundy makeup look, and I had requests for more options, including a dupe for my gel nail polish. I went in search of more burgundy makeup options, including blush, eyeliner, more eyeshadow options and lip colors.

Items Shown

Eyeshadow Palette:

Additional Eye Palette: (from the picture online it looks like 6 of the 12 colors are great for cool skin tone)


Lighter and Pinker Eyeliner: Jilted

Drugstore Lip Color: Obsessed

Department Store Lip/Cheek Color: Rebel

Additional Lip Color: Venom

Nail Polish:


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4 thoughts on “More Burgundy Makeup and Nail Polish Options for Cool-Toned Women”

  1. Hi April! Thanks for doing this! Just curious about the brand and color of the gel polish. I actually have the light and other products to do get polish at home and would love to know the color you have applied to your nails in the video. I won’t wear regular polish anymore after doing gel. 😀 Thanks again!

  2. Also curious about the gel polish color! I asked this somewhere else, not sure if it is the same color or not.
    Also, what is the color of the polish linked above?

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