Cleaning Out My Closet After Weight Loss

NEW clean closet after weight loss

“Um, are you sure that still fits you?” my husband was trying so hard to be diplomatic about the top that was hanging shapelessly on my frame. What he should have said was, “Where are you?” I was completely drowned in my sweater. I looked like I was wearing my husband’s clothes, and not in that cute, cozy boyfriend way.

I shared my weight loss story with you last month, and I’ve now lost 16 pounds, which is 2 clothing sizes on my frame. So that left me with the bulk of the clothes in my closet too big for me. I had a choice to make: Am I willing to pay to have these clothes tailored? If not, they go. That new lens allowed me to be much more honest with myself about what I do and don’t love.

I shared a closet clean out series last year, and you LOVED IT, so when I did another round of closet purging, I decided to share with you.

Today I’m taking you through the tops and jackets I’m discarding and why. Let me know in the comments down below if you want to see me do skirts, pants, dresses, and shorts.


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