Cleaning Out My Closet After Weight Loss

“Um, are you sure that still fits you?” my husband was trying so hard to be diplomatic about the top that was hanging shapelessly on my frame. What he should have said was, “Where are you?” I was completely drowned in my sweater. I looked like I was wearing my husband’s clothes, and not in that cute, cozy boyfriend way.

I shared my weight loss story with you last month, and I’ve now lost 16 pounds, which is 2 clothing sizes on my frame. So that left me with the bulk of the clothes in my closet too big for me. I had a choice to make: Am I willing to pay to have these clothes tailored? If not, they go. That new lens allowed me to be much more honest with myself about what I do and don’t love.

I shared a closet clean out series last year, and you LOVED IT, so when I did another round of closet purging, I decided to share with you.

Today I’m taking you through the tops and jackets I’m discarding and why. Let me know in the comments down below if you want to see me do skirts, pants, dresses, and shorts.


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6 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Closet After Weight Loss”

  1. My dilemma is what if I regain that weight? ( been there, done that) Would you still get rid of all those garments? Especially if you really liked them and they are well made. Just curious

    1. Vicky that’s a really great question. And here’s the answer: I’m not regaining the weight. And here’s why. Stronger U isn’t just about weight loss. Phase one is weight loss. The second phase is taking you into maintenance mode where you find the macro levels you need to maintain the weight you’ve lost, and then Lifestyle mode where you maintain and no longer count every gram of food you eat. You’ve learned moderation, portions, and balance. You learn intuitive eating. You learn to eat like a French woman.

      I’ve yoyoed the last 5 years because all the plans my doctors put me on were extreme and not sustainable. There is nothing extreme about my eating plan. This weekend I had pizza twice, sushi and popcorn with my movie. I just planned for them and had moderate lunches those days.

      I have no doubt whatsoever that I’m staying at my goal weight, and if I go on vacation and a few pounds creep on (like they did in Cancun because we ate all the nachos in Mexico for an entire week), I know what macros to drop to to reset my body and get back to ground zero (which I did, and now I’m back. No big deal).

      Also, keeping them means somewhere in your mind you are giving yourself permission to regain the weight.

      I shared my Stronger U experience here:

      And my top tips for success here:

    2. I’ve been searching for someone who has had a significant weight loss and has shared their experience of cleaning out their closet. I am so happy I found your video. I thoroughly enjoyed your video. Recently, I cleaned out my closet as the summer weather was ending and I had to tackle the task of purging my former winter wardrobe wardrobe. I’ve lost 70 lbs since last December – which translates to dropping 5 pants sizes, and the same in tops. My entire closet had to be purged. I had to try on my clothes to confirm the purges. I went back and forth on some items that were borderline fitting, but, eventually, I decided to purge them. Who wants to wear baggy clothes? It has been quite a transformation for me. I really enjoyed how you went through and explained why each garment was being moved out of your closet. Those tips are spot on, and so helpful to alleviate guilt, or just great practical advice when we have clothes that no longer make us happy for various reasons.

      Again, thanks for this video it is nice to find a like minded practical approach and explanation for cleaning out our closets, either because of weight loss or a seasonal changeover in the weather.

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