What I Wore When I Combined 2 Capsule Wardrobes

 We had a short respite from the bitter cold temperatures, and I got to pull out my trench coat, my moto jacket, and even go sans coat a few days! I enjoyed the break. Come see what I wore when I drew from both my fall and winter capsule wardrobes!

“You’re obsessed with the weather,” my husband says (on a regular basis). It’s true. I am. I am so cold natured, and I want to be comfortable, so I check the weather daily. And then I discuss it with him ad nauseum. He doesn’t care about the weather at all, but he humors me.

The truth is, I hate winter weather, but I love winter clothes. Since we moved from Atlanta to Salt Lake 8 years ago, I’ve learned the weather patterns here. I know all about the warm before the storm. I know that if there is snow on the lake mountain, there will be a killing frost in the valley (and as a gardener, this is critical info). And I know it’s normal to have single digit weather in December and January.

This week we had some cold days, and a warm before the storm, so it was almost like fall weather. I got to pull out my trench coat and a rain jacket. I even went sans coat a few days. But then the storm came, the temps dropped and I’m bundled up just like I was before. I enjoyed the little break, though. It was so nice to dive back into my fall capsule wardrobe for a few days, and even mix the pieces from both wardrobes.

This is outfit #2 from the Bold Pure Hues Winter Wardrobe Guide, a curated capsule wardrobe collection with 30+ pieces and 100 outfit combinations. This sweater is so soft and cozy, and I love the color and the stripes. In college I had a coat nearly identical to this one. I went all heart eyes as soon as I saw it. But then when I wore it, people stared. I mean, it’s an attention grabber, and it made ms so uncomfortable. I ended up selling it. I felt equal parts relieved and grieved.

Last year when I came across this gem, I knew immediately it was coming home with me, and I’ve loved it! Stare all you want, people. Feel free to check your makeup in the reflection of my coat, too. It’s super handy. I’ve had women charge across stores to ask me about my coat. It’s a statement for sure, but I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m ok making a statement.

Throw back Thursday (actually it was Saturday, but you know how I love alliteration, so humor me) from the Fall Wardrobe Guide. It was much warmer, and rainy, so I wore my rain jacket, a striped tee, and mocs. It was nice not to be wearing boots for a day.

I love this navy and black outfit. The tee is navy and black striped (you can also see it in this video I filmed that day), the jeans are dark wash denim, the jacket, boots, and bag are all black. I could wear this everyday and be so content. And I loved being able to pull out my moto jacket. It’s interesting and has depth and dimension, but still understated. I included the selfies so you could really see it. My other pictures don’t do it justice. #lotsofphotobombers

For church I went a little edgy. The warmer temps persisted, so I pulled out my favorite trench. It doesn’t get more edgy classic than this! The leather collar and sleeves, and the zipper details on the pockets and cuffs are so perfectly me. I repeated the leather in the skirt and booties. The tights have a chevron pattern to them.

This sweater is hands down one of my favorite closet items. I. LOVE. IT. It’s black, white, and blue, it’s color blocking, it’s a turtleneck. All things that make me happy. And I was thrilled I got to wear my trench again.

One of my favorite things about having a capsule wardrobe is I REALLY love everything I own. They’re all favorites.

Ok, I know I just said this, but this sweater is also one of my very, very favorite items in my closet. I love that it’s red and navy, instead of black. I love the contrasting side panels, which the sweater above also has. I love the boatneck, and I love the houndstooth. I wore it with my brown boots because I love the combo of brown leather with bold red and saturated navy. I do have navy boots, but I loved the extra interest the brown adds. Also, I love brown leather, specifically this color of brown.

It’s impossible to tell in these pictures, but these earrings are also a deep, saturated navy.

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  1. Love looking at all these fabulous items! i have been inspired to add some of them to my wardrobe and this winter, I’ve needed them. I love being able to find something to wear when i look in my closet. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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