Cozy and Chic Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Cozy and Chic Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Build a cozy and chic winter wardrobe you'll love with these essentials

Let’s Get Cozy

As we talked about last week, this winter we’ll be tempted to get cozy…maybe a little too cozy as we spend more time at home. But you can be cozy and chic, marrying fashion and function. As you’re pulling together your winter wardrobe, these are some essentials to include so you can look forward to getting dressed rather than look for excuses to stay in your jammies all day.

Magic Pants

Magic pants? What are magic pants? Pants that are comfortable enough to wear all day, look put together, but you can curl up on the couch in.

All of the pants are stretchy and comfortable, but chic. We have a selection of what I call *Magic Pants*. The leopard on leopard print pants are pull on and feel like joggers, but look like Audrey Hepburn designed them.

The trousers are a very structured ponte knit that would be just as appropriate in a board meeting as they would cuddled up on the couch. I could sleep in both of these pants.

The Right T-Shirts

There are t-shirts…(hint: if your husband wore it in college or you would wear it to paint your house, it’s a no.)
Copy of Fashion or Function Do You Have to Choose

And there are T-shirts.

Copy of Fashion or Function Do You Have to Choose

And picking the right ones makes all the difference. They are essential to your winter wardrobe because you can wear them alone or layer with them. Pick ones that skim your shape and in colors that light you up, whether that’s a neutral or a special color. This striped tee is featured in the Winter Wardrobe Guide, and it’s perfect for layering or wearing alone if we get a warm spell.

Cozy Sweaters

Sweaters can be dressed up or down, so look for ones that that feel great on your skin, make you glow, and flatter your shape. This red sweater is in the shopping portal as an optional item.

Fun for Your Feet

I have always loved shoes, and this winter I need shoes that are easy on and off (because let’s be honest, we kick them off when we curl up on the couch), wearable, walkable, and short-distance sprintable if that’s part of your life. I also need some that keep my feet warm and dry because…I’m freezing.

I love my leopard sneakers for days when I’m on my feet around the house, or on the go with a busy day. Any season is perfect for me to wear them.


At home I love to wear cardigans. Look for a gorgeous cardigan in a color or pattern you love. I’m not talking about your old faded, stretched out, hole-in-the-sleeve, shan’t be seen in public cast off. I mean one you that completes your look and you love to wear. This black duster cardigan is so versatile, and it’s the perfect weight, I love the sleek shape of it and how versatile it is. It’s available in the shopping portal.

Complete with a Coat

A gorgeous coat that completes your look. It can be a neutral and still be fabulous. We will actually leave the house at times, if for no other reason than to drive through at the pharmacy or grocery pick up, but hopefully when you go on those winter-essential walks to get some fresh air.

I’ve had this coat for several years and love it so much I have it in a few colors. I featured the black version in the Winter Wardrobe Guide. The Thinsulate lining means it’s really warm and cozy, but the design and lines are very chic and put together.

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A few accessories that make you feel dressed. A great pair of earrings, a necklace you love, a scarf you glow in. It’s easy to throw on and makes you feel so put together.

Cover Your Basics

Make sure you’ve got those essentials, the wardrobe staple pieces that make your special items sing. These are basics I love to wear together, but also with more special items in my wardrobe. My staple get the most wear out of everything I own. I found all the basics you need for a classic winter wardrobe, and if you are missing any in your closet, there are links in the shopping portal to amazing jeans, perfect sweaters, and more.

Get Yourself Something Special

While we can’t fill our closets with just special items, we do need a few to make our outfits and wardrobes feel special and fun. While I personally look forward to wearing my basic black sweater over and over, most people want something a little more interesting to light up their days.

And if you really want something special, nothing makes a better gift than the Stunning Style Society and the Winter Classic Wardrobe Guide! It’s the ultimate easy button for a cozy and chic winter wardrobe you’ll love this season and for seasons to come! Join us today and have something fun to do this winter!

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