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“What’s wrong with your face?” Brazilians are known for their blunt manner, and after living in Brazil for a year and a half, I wasn’t (as) shocked by this question. I inhaled and replied, “Nothing’s wrong with my face. I’m really sick, and I am too tired and miserable to put on any makeup today.”

“You should always wear makeup.” Yes. I know. Thank you.

In college I only wore mascara and lipstick and a little tinted moisturizer, but that little bit of definition made a big difference on my face, as evidenced by this conversation. I have blond eyelashes and eyebrows, and with no makeup, my whole face disappears. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gone out in public without some makeup on in my adult life, and that was one of them.

I like to get my eyelashes and brows tinted about once a month to give my eyes and brows some definition, and to frame my face. In the winter it’s great so I don’t look like a corpse at my early yoga classes, and in the warmer months when I head to the beach, lake, camping, hiking, or anywhere else it looks foolish to wear a full face of makeup, I like to get my eyelashes and brows tinted so I feel prettier.

I shared all my natural beauty tips in this post.

In this video I’m taking you with me to get my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted so you can see what the process is like, and the before and after. If you’ve never done it before, hopefully this is helpful!

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