Fall Burgundy Makeup Look Inspired By Dominique Sachse

NEW fall Burgundy Makeup Look Inspired

Like everyone, I have my list of favorite YouTubers I follower, and Dominique Sachse is top of my list. She is elegant, classy, sassy and a problem solver like I am. YouTube is a side gig for her as she is a news anchor in Texas. Over her many years on television she has learned a lot of beauty hacks and tricks that she shares in her makeup looks.

She has beautiful olive skin and looks incredible in all the warm colors that make me look like I have the flu. As much as I adore her makeup looks, I can’t copy them directly because the color palette is awful on me. After watching one of her recent videos, I got creative and tried to recreate the look I saw her wearing. I actually came up with two, and this is the first. After I filmed my video she did an actual tutorial on her look, and it is definitely different than mine, but I love how my inspired look turned out.

I’ve loved wearing it with various burgundy, purple, and red lip colors throughout the fall season, and it is perfect pairing for the Fall Wardrobe Guide. It can be as dramatic or as light as you like, depending on the look you are going for. For daytime and more casual, go lighter, for evening or a little more drama, apply a little more color.

You can get a taste of the Fall Wardrobe Guide and the Stunning Style Society through my 10-day FREE trial of the current guide! It’s a 30+ piece capsule wardrobe collection, 100 classic outfits, all the shopping links, and more in-depth articles to help you perfect your own Classic Style Twist.


Radiant Defense Foundation


Eyeshadow Primer

ShadowSense: See your local Senegence rep

Blush: See your local Maskcara rep

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Mac Blackberry

Kat Von D eyeshadow Raw Power

Black eyeliner

Eyelash primer


Lipsense Purple Reign, Plum and Glossy Gloss: See your local Senegence distributor

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