What I Wore For The Fall Get Up Get Stunning Challenge! Week 1

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 It’s fall y’all! Welcome to the fall Get Up Get Stunning Style Challenge. This is week one of outfits from the Fall Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide. Check out how the other stunning ladies in the group wore the same fall outfits!

I love the Get Up Get Stunning Challenges that come with each new Wardrobe Guide. Because it was too hot to start the challenge when the new Fall Guide was launched I created 14 transitional outfits to get us from summer to fall, and in the Stunning Style Society we did an additional challenge with those outfits.

But fall has officially arrived, and last week we started again. I’ve been enjoying all the inspiration from the stunning ladies in the Facebook group, and once again some of them have graciously allowed me to share their outfits here! Their creativity amazes me!

let's get up and get stunning

Day 1: I don’t have the scarf because I spent my budget on other fall items. I shopped my closet for this black and silver necklace instead, and swapped the loafers for flats.

“Day one, ladies I’m so excited! I went charity/op shopping this weekend and found this top, a perfect match to the burgundy fall items (I can’t wear the one from the guide until winter as it is too hot here), and I found black jeans which I’d wanted since the winter guide (which probably need hemming)!! Yes that’s two pairs of shoes, one for walking and one for sitting :)”
- Mary R

Outfit 2: I swear I wear some variation of this outfit every week. It’s become a favorite uniform. I love the shirt and the ankle pants. I subbed the leopard flats bc I love them.

“#GUGS/#SportyClassic Black pants, Black Mini trench, red necklace, silver earrings, red bag: My closet. Denim shirt: Inspired by 2018 Fall Guide. Shoes: Poshmark.”
- Susan C.

Day 3: I specifically chose this outfit to push you out of your comfort zone! I love this color combo. I need to paint the hardware on this jacket silver, but it will take a few hours and I haven’t made time to do it yet. Have any of you noticed this sweater is the same color as my beloved Galleria Blue bag? I shopped my closet for everything but the sweater. If it weren’t rainy and cold I would have worn my Galleria Blue flats.

“I adore this color combo and never thought to put it together! I was going to change into frumpy clothes after the picture because I’m working on an organization project and I get dirty but I decided the energy this orange gives me will be helpful ???? #getupgetstunning #cuteclassic”
- Barbara R.

Outfit 4: I wore a navy rain/utility jacket bc of the weather. Its chilly but not freezing, so I used the snap tabs on my jacket to roll the sleeves and let my stripes show! This is the perfect comfy cozy outfit on a cold rainy day.

“On the other hand, maybe I’ll just change and start today (keener alert lol) ... had most of today’s pieces; swapped out the shoes for my white and silver sneakers. Have a very similar jacket which I’ll pop on for a rare trip to the movies this evening! :)”
- Helena B.

Outfit 5: It’s a beautiful day today after some much-needed rain. This is a tissue turtleneck, so incredibly thin. Taking triplet #3 to his birthday dinner at a shabu shabu restaurant. My red cardi got a big hole/RIP in the shoulder! So red jackets are my only option now. #edgyclassic

“Day 5: It’s Friday. Going to be a cool rainy day today. Today I am in one of my favorite striped top and jeans. I was happy to find Navy booties this summer and to see they were in the new Fall Guide. I shopped my closet for my outfit. I can’t wait to see everyone’s look today. This is so fun. We are so lucky to be a part of a STUNNING community!”
- Julie K.

Outfit 6: I’ve had this red and navy plaid for 2 years. It’s one of my favorite shirts. I’m wearing it with my metallic navy leather moto. If you saw my Las Vegas shopping haul videos last spring, this was a big splurge and it was worth every.single.penny. One of my greatest finds ever. These pictures do it no justice. I shopped my closet for all of it except the purse, which is new. Tonight two of the triplets are having birthday parties. 30 kids. Mercy. A few of the 6th grade girls told me they LOVE my outfit. It’s PERFECT. Well thank you, girls.

“I’m wearing my “soft” cardigan today because I thought my “sporty” cardigan looked a little too masculine with this plaid button up shirt. I felt like I needed to add a little more yin energy in my outfit.”
Kathy D.

Outfit 7: I love this color combo. I swapped out my navy corduroy skirt for the denim skirt.

“Fun color combination!! I really need some of that burgundy hue this fall. I wanted to wear my hot pink flats, but these are more comfy for what I’ll be doing. #getupgetstunning #share”
Heather P.

which outfit is your favorite?

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