4 Ways To Wear It: A Winter Outfit

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I was so excited to wear my new red boots today. I knew exactly what outfit I was going to wear, and I’ve been dying to try out my new purchase! And then I opened my shades and saw six inches of fresh powder blanketing the earth. Beautiful, yes. Treacherous, YES. These aren’t snow boots, y’all. These are fancy boots, and they have a slick sole. I would bust my head if I tried to so much as check the mail. *sigh*

So then I thought, “I’ll wear my red coat instead!” And then I thought, “I’m not sure I’m in the mood for that much red today, but on another day that would be perfect”. So I decided I’d stick to black accessories, but which ones to pick? And thus was born 4 ways to wear one outfit. Just by changing my shoes and coat, I had four different outfits, and I couldn’t resist sharing here!

You can wear the exact same outfit and still give it new life with some small changes. That’s the key to keeping a capsule wardrobe interesting. I didn’t even pull out my moto jacket or all the other colors of jackets I own. I could have gone on and on.

Today in the Society I took outfit #98 from the Bold Pure Hues Winter Guide (Rich and Warm is next!), and I changed up the outfits to match up with each Style Twist by ONLY changing the accessories – earrings, necklace, bag, and boots. Small changes make a big impact on the message you’re sending with your outfit. How are you showing up in the world? Your clothes tell the story of who you are, or they should.

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This is outfit #43 from the Bold Pure Hues Winter Wardrobe Guide, and it is one of my favorites!

This outfit is very functional and Sporty Classic. To battle the snow, I’m actually wearing rain boots with thick socks because the soles have such amazing traction, and obviously they are waterproof. Sometimes I wear duck boots. Both of these are fine for out and about, but not warm enough for extended time in the snow. My real snow boots are knee high, and don’t play well with boot cut jeans. I love the high shine contrast of these. My puffer jacket is paper thin, and I love the shine and the quilted texture. You may recognize it from my unpack with me video as the jacket I wore to and from the airport

I wrote a post all about how to look chic dressed in all black, because there is a trick to it, and I used some of those tricks here.

Links to sweater, shirt, jeans and similar boots available in the Bold Pure Hues Winter Wardrobe Guide.

Aren’t these boots fabulous? Patent. Red. Square toe. Heart eyes. If you are Minimal Classic or Soft Classic, you are most often more comfortable with a small pop of color rather than a large statement of color. If you crave a little something more from a black and white outfit, a little bit of red is about as classic as it gets. This classic style coat is also my favorite. I have the exact same coat in…a few colors (it’s embarrassing. Don’t ask).

Links to sweater, shirt, jeans and similar flats available in the Bold Pure Hues Winter Wardrobe Guide.

So maybe you just aren’t even in the mood for color. I’m often not. Black, white, and blue makes up most of my wardrobe, and outfits. I could wear this outfit everyday and be so content. The pattern mixing with two classic patterns – bold buffalo plaid and fair isle – add plenty of interest to this outfit. The key is that both are black and white, and there is a small dose of each. Otherwise it could be too much for a Classic Style woman.

Links to sweater, shirt, jeans and similar boots available in the Bold Pure Hues Winter Wardrobe Guide.

Here’s a secret: statement coats change everything and take a neutral outfit from blah to yah! The best part, though? YOU CAN TAKE IT OFF. I don’t wear my coat all day. On a day when I want a bold color statement, a coat is perfect because I don’t wear it all day, and I get a break from the color. I have it when it counts – when I’m out in public and want to make that statement – but when I’m at home doing my thing, the color is hanging on my coat rack. I know some of you know what I mean.

The cut and color of this one (which you may notice is identical to the black one above) is classic in every way, and in a decade or even two, it will still be perfectly stylish. My first one is navy, and it’s from 2007. Still in excellent condition, and still perfect. And that is why I continue to collect it in all the colors.

Links to sweater, shirt, jeans and similar coat and boots available in the Bold Pure Hues Winter Wardrobe Guide.

How else would you change up the boots and coat to wear this outfit another way? You can see 4 ways to wear a sheath dress and four ways to wear a gingham shirt as well.

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