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Bermuda shorts are so hard to style, but if you get a few details right you can put together perfect casual or dressed up summer outfits. If you need ideas for the perfect shirts, accessories, and sandals, I’ve got you covered.

5 tips to style Bermuda shorts

I’m not sure there is anything harder to wear than Bermuda shorts. They are decidedly unsexy, uncool, and unflattering. They are….mom shorts. And yet for some of us, they are the only shorts we will wear. The reasons vary, but they are part of our wardrobes, so it’s important to wear them well. They don’t have to be frumpy or dumpy if you choose the right ones and style them well.

Fit is key. I can’t emphasize this enough. Just like with every outfit, you want to highlight the feminine parts of your figure and provide balance in the top and bottom halves.  Shorts should fit nicely in the waist and skim the hips and thighs, even if that means you get them tailored. It’s worth it. Don’t buy men’s shorts just because they are longer. They won’t fit your body right, even if you think you have a boyish figure, the key is ISH. You don’t have a man’s figure. In the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide I share links to Bermudas with up to a 13 inch inseam.

I love chino shorts. As much as I love a good cut off, chino shorts are easier to dress and not look like you are going to do yard work. They are structured and usually have a nice tailored fit. Tailored doesn’t mean skin tight. It’s ok if they fall straighter from the thigh to the top of the knee, like most of mine do, but steer clear of a flare cut at this length, and no basketball shorts.

Elevate your footwear, literally and figuratively. I love to pair even a short wedge with my Bermudas as it lengthens the leg and helps with the break in the leg line. It also takes the look of the outfit up a level without being difficult to walk in. I have 6 kids, and I have to wear shoes I can keep up with them in. Even a 1-inch wedge will help. Probably the hardest shoe to make work with a Bermuda is a sneaker. The high vamp (how high up the front of your foot it comes), low heel, and casual nature of the shoe do bad things to your leg line in combination with a Bermuda short. Does that mean I don’t wear them together? No. Sometimes the day calls for it, but be aware of what it does to your look and compensate accordingly.

Choose a flattering cut top. If your shorts are very fitted all the way down, balance that with a little looser fit (but not drowning you) in the top, and if your shorts are a little more straight like most of mine, choose a fitted (but not skin tight) top. It should skim your shape, not show what you had for lunch.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. A necklace and earrings make all the difference in any outfit. It makes the outfit look intentional and finished, and only takes a minute. The summer temps can make a statement necklace feel too heavy, so try layering a few delicate necklaces and pair that with either a statement earring or some shiny studs. A belt can make a statement without making you feel overheated.

Have fun with colors and prints. Because shorts have a lot less fabric, it’s easier to wear a punchy color or pattern on your bottom half without feeling overwhelmed. In the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide I share links to Bermudas that also come in gingham and some other great colors.

*In the Wardrobe Guides I share shorts in lengths from 3 inches to 13 inches, so there is something for everyone.

How do you take Bermuda shorts from frumpy to fabulous?

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Bermuda outfit inspiration

This is outfit #85 from the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide. Blue, white and pink is a fantastic summer color combo. I’m wearing a straight cut chino short, and I lengthened my leg line with a short wedge. My top is a tailored fit because my shorts are straight cut. I added a doubled up delicate necklace, statement earrings and a bold pink purse. Because I’m short-waisted, buying these in petite to get the best fit through my rise made all the difference.

Links to shorts and similar shirt, sandals, purse and jewelry available in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

This denim shirt is a 4-season shirt for me. I love the dark saturated color and the tailored fit. Paired with punch-you-in-the-face pink shorts and a bold striped tote, It’s a perfect summer outfit. It’s not often I feel comfortable in pants this color, but shorts are no problem. The tailored cut of the top balances the straight cut of the shorts. the wedges lengthen my legs, slenderize my ankles, and make take the shorts from frumpy to fabulous. The tote and accessories make everything look pulled together.

I really wish these came in petite because they don’t fit me right through the rise. I need to take these to the tailor too fix that problem.

Links to shorts and similar shirt, sandals, purse and jewelry available in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

These destroyed cut off denim Bermuda shorts are fitted all the way down, so I paired them with a looser tee for balance. A wedge would have been more flattering and would have dressed up the whole look, but this was a busy day, and shiny silver snake skin slip on sneakers (say that 10 times fast!) were more appropriate for my day. I elevated the look with a silver bag and accessories.

This is outfit #19 in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide (but I swapped pink for red). The gingham plaid popover is light and breezy, and not overpowering paired with bold pink shorts. The silver accessories complete the look, but don’t weigh me down.

Links to shorts and similar shirt, sandals, purse and jewelry available in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.


This is outfit #64 from the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide. I chose a blue purse instead of blue sandals today. I chose a metallic navy foil tee to go with my white chino shorts and added a Caribbean blue bag to complete the blue, white, and silver look.

Links to shorts and similar shirt, sandals, purse and jewelry available in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

This blue ombre outfit starts with a turquoise necklace, a Caribbean blue bag, and moves on to a cobalt top, then navy shorts and sandals. Even though this is a very short wedge, it still elevates the outfit and lengthens my leg line. These are also petite and fit me so much better through the crotch, hips and waist. Can you see the difference between these and the pink?

With the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides, shopping for and wearing Bermuda shorts is effortless. 

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Do you wear Bermuda shorts? How will you use these tips to make your mom shorts look stylish?

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