How To Transition Outfits From Winter To Spring

transition from winter to spring

When Winter just won't go away

The calendar says spring is on the way, but Mother Nature is temperamental this time of year. It could be mid-60s and sunny or a blizzard. But I’m ready to shed the winter wardrobe, so what am I supposed to do? Stay in my red buffalo plaid?

Nope. I have 3 tips to help you transition your outfits from winter to spring, even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

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Transition to spring with your color palette and keep the weight of the winter clothes you need.

Try navy instead of black. Green with navy looks very different than green and black. Even if you are wearing your green winter sweater, pairing it with navy boots and coat and dark wash jeans makes it visually lighter.

Wear more white. White jeans, a white sweater, white scarf, white anything paired with the other spring colors  instantly lightens up an outfits.

Try color combinations that say spring instead of winter. Today’s outfit pairs the green sweater from the Winter Wardrobe Guide with the dark wash jeans and a little cobalt blue.

Pink and blue, pink and yellow, blue and yellow, purple and pink, purple and yellow, pink and green are all great color combinations that say spring is nearly here.

Basically look for Easter egg colors. Can you buy Peeps in that color? Then it’s a yes! These include the brighter colors like pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

If you can wear the lighter versions that look best on you, that will help even more. For me that’s icy blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow.

Wear more color. In the winter we tend to wear less color and more dark neutrals. When the days get longer and the flowers start to come up, we feel permission to wear more color and more colors together. Even in small doses, adding color helps!


Put away your winter patterns like fair isle, buffalo plaid, and anything with a snowflake  on it. Wear patterns that hint of spring like stripes that look like a classic Breton tee, even if it’s a sweater, florals, polka dots, gingham, rainbow, which for me would be color-blocking.

My take on April’s guides: they allow me to say NO to things I now know I don’t need or want. If it isn’t in April’s guide, I don’t have to pay attention to it. I adapt the guides to my color palette (rich and warm) and the guides are 1,000% worth it even in the seasons when I don’t buy a single thing from the links. It’s a guide in many more ways than one. And I’m so glad to know I’m not missing anything. I love that every season is curated for me by my impeccable stylist.
- Carolyn C.
Society Member


Put away the cable knits, cashmere, and flannels and look for lighter textures, even in small doses.

This sweater is still warm, but it’s not chunky and textured like this one. It’s smooth and doesn’t look as heavy.

If you can switch from flannel to cotton, the smooth texture looks lighter.

Sheer items even in small details or peaking out a sheer blouse under a sweater (Portofino blouses), or a scarf in a lighter weave and weight like this longer blue and white striped scarf (down in poshmark closet), or a smaller satin or silk scarf. Look for looser weaves on your sweaters, eyelet details, or any open texture

If you do these items in the spring colors and patterns, even better.

Add some shine to lighten things up.

If it is just arctic wear you live, you might have to wear your heaviest textures and knits, but if you add a little of the lighter fabrics and smoother  can do the color and pattern tips, it will help you feel like spring is coming…right after this blizzard ends.

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