5 Favorite Things in September

It’s time for my 5 favorite things post! I’ve got some great things to share with you from the month of September!

If you missed July or August, those are full of some great items as well!

Products Mentioned


Makeup Remover Wipes
Phone Case for Samsung

Phone Case for iPhone

Sharon Kay Penman first book of the series

Bread Machine similar to mine

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5 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things in September”

    1. Sarah thank you! I do eat gluten, but I used a natural leavening sourdough starter that predigests the gluten, and I’ve heard that many who are gluten intolerant can eat bread made this way. Here is the recipe I use:

      1.5 cups natural yeast starter
      2 tbsp raw honey
      2 tbsp coconut oil (or any oil or fat)
      1.25 tsp salt
      2.5 cups whole wheat flour
      1 cup white flour
      1.75 cups lukewarm water

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