Sneak Peek into the 2020 Winter Wardrobe Guide

Sneak Peek Into the Winter Wardrobe Guide

Learn all about the Society and the Classic Wardrobe Guides!

Wonder what you get with the Society?

The Stunning Style Society is basically two parts. The Classic Wardrobe Guide with curated seasonal wardrobe, 100 outfit templates, the shopping portal, outfit calendar, and exclusive Facebook group with access to me. Then you get the Style Steps where I walk you step-by-step through the process of curating you seasonal wardrobe. Learn all the details below as I break it down!

Is the Society Right for you?

Let me save you some time now and tell you the Stunning Style Society and the Classic Wardrobe Guides are perfect for you if:

  • You love classic style but feel like it gets too boring, stuffy, or dated
  • You are in a classic-style rut
  • Struggle to navigate the trends
  • Don’t know where to find updated, quality, classic-style clothes
  • Dislike or don’t have time for shopping
  • Want someone else to find the clothes and vet them for you
  • Want new outfit ideas
  • Someone else to create your outfits for you
  • Want to curate an effortless, updated, modern classic-style wardrobe one step at a time.
  • If you want a personal stylist you can afford, and who gets your love of classic style, I created the Society to be able to give you that.
  • If you want to save money, the Guides are based on classic items you likely have, and we go through the process of shopping our closets first, then you can decide if you want to add anything to it or replace any basics. 
  • You want to effortlessly shop the biggest sales of the year and know that what you are getting works for you and your wardrobe.

The Wardrobe Guides

  • Articles
  • Curated, cohesive collection –

       If you love classic style but sometimes it feels dated, stuffy or boring, every season I curate a wardrobe that will keep your classic style feeling modern, updated, and fresh.

       I’ve ordered the core items to check for color, quality, and fit.

       If you don’t want to navigate the constantly revolving trends, I do that for you each season and choose the ones that work perfectly with your classic style.

       If you want a cohesive wardrobe that all goes together, since I’ve curated all of it, you know how to put together what you have and what you might want to add.

       No wild cards. Everything goes together.

       Based on classic items you likely have, and includes a few updated pieces to refresh your wardrobe

  • Catalog
  • 100 outfits

       If you want new ways to wear your old favorites, the Guide comes with 100 inspiration outfits to give you new ideas of how to pair what you already have.

       Shows you exactly how to wear the new items and trends

       If you are an outfit shopper, I’ve done the mixing and matching for you

       Maximum versatility with only 40 pieces

  • Special outfit sections



       Cozy and Chic

       One and Done

  • Both digital and printable versions of the Guide
  • Monthly Outfit Calendars

       If you get stuck in outfit ruts of wearing the same thing over and over, the calendars also make sure you maximize your wear, get some variety in your wardrobe, and you can wear a different outfit every day of the season, even though the wardrobe is only 40 pieces.

       Rotate your items through the season so you don’t grab the same thing every other day out of frustration

       If you have way too many decisions to make in a day, the Outfit Calendars give you an outfit a day so you don’t have to make that decision.

       Get dressed quickly and know you will be effortlessly stylish

  • Members-only website

       Dashboard to access your previous Guides, calendars, annual member bonuses

       Exclusive content/Style Steps

       Shopping Portal – If you don’t want to or don’t have time to shop for winter clothes, and you want someone to do all the shopping for you, the online shopping portal has all the links you need to find whatever you need.

§  Shopping portal

o   Shopping the entire internet is overwhelming, and the shopping portal is a curated one-stop-shopping for classic style

o   Curated so it all goes with the wardrobe

o   I vetted the featured items

o   Each featured item has other options based on Style Twist, plus, petite, and other preferences like shorts inseam

o   Sort by

§  Featured items

§  Featured item alternates

§  Item type

§  Classic Style Twist

§  Retailer

§  Plus

§  Petite

§  Other color palettes available

§  Item category like tops, bottoms, shoes

o   Now I can update it as I find new things.

o   So easy to shop

o   Your Black Friday shopping done for you!

The Style STeps Program

Each week we will take a Style Step together to curate your seasonal wardrobe. Every Monday we will walk through the topic together during a Facebook live, with helpful tips from me, and then you’ll get an assignment and a challenge for the week to help you curate your seasonal wardrobe. The Style Steps will vary some from season to season because each one has its unique challenges.

By the end of each season you’ll have your seasonal wardrobe set and a collection of go-to outfits! At the end of a year, if you’ve done all the steps, you should have a year-round classic style wardrobe you love. 

Even though the steps will change a little each season, the goal is always the same, to help you curate your year-round wardrobe week-by-week, season-by-season and help you use the Classic Style Wardrobe Guide to make it as easy as possible!

The Wardrobe Guides, online shopping portal, and monthly wardrobe calendars are the done-for-you portion, and now I’ll help you use them one week at a time so you get the wardrobe you love.

The first Style Step this season is figuring out white clothes, and you got a sneak peek at that on Monday. This is the season when white is the reigning neutral, but there are tips and tricks to shopping for and wearing white clothing confidently.

The first four weeks are focused on curating your closet. The next six weeks will focus on Customizing Your Closet, and the last two weeks we will do an end-of-season evaluation of your summer wardrobe, so stay tuned for those topics! 

Preview of the next four weeks

Here is a sneak peek of what is coming first!

Collecting Your Closet 

Over the next four weeks we will take these first Style Steps toward curating your winter wardrobe.

Step 1 November 16 – The Seasonal Try On – I try on the featured items, answer questions, take measurements and give sizing and fit recommendations.

Step 2 November 23 – Shop My Closet with Me. I showed members how I shopped my closet for this season and which items from the Guide I bought and why. I’ll shop my closet twice, once for dressy and casual to inspire you how you can shop your own closet for the Summer Wardrobe Guide.

Step 3 November 30  – Make it Mine: How to Shop Your Closet for Inspiration Outfits Using the Monthly Outfit Calendar. We talk more about how to shop your closet and make the outfits work for you, your style, your lifestyle, and your closet.

Style Step 4 December 7 – Picking the Perfect Sweaters…for You! Even with a basic sweater, there are so many details that make one perfect and one all wrong for you. From materials to necklines, we are going to break down the elements in a sweater so you can find exactly what you love and never make another shopping mistake in the sweater department again.

The following 6 weeks will be about customizing your wardrobe, and the last two weeks we will create an album of go-to outfits you love, do an end-of-season evaluation and seasonal wardrobe purge. At the end of the season you’ll have an album of outfits you love, a curated winter wardrobe that suits you, a clearer vision of what you love, and the easiest closet clean out you’ve ever done.

Join us in the Society today and get started on a classic style wardrobe you will love!


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