Give Yourself Permission To Wear What You Love

Give yourself permission to wear what you love FB

every woman at any age, stage of life, or size deserves to wear what she loves

Do you wear what you love?

It’s not always easy to embrace your true style and wear what you love, but every woman at any age, stage of life, or size deserves to express herself. Join Jen from Your Color Style and me as we discuss the concept that women should stop dressing a certain way at a certain age. Do you have to dress a certain way after 40? 

Plus get my 3 tips to look and feel put together every day and the steps you can take today! 

This was a really fun interview, and you’re going to love getting to know Jen!I had a wonderful chat with Jen Thoden from Your Color Style. Jen is a color style coach and the founder of the online color system, Your Color Style™. She helps women discover the colors that flatter them best and believes that wearing the RIGHT color is transformational (and I agree!).

Your best colors can make you look 10 years younger and give you the confidence you need to get through the day. Jen has a color quiz to help you find your best colors and a color style kit to guide you with your color choices.

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