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“Oh I love that top! Where did you find it?” Many times when I get that question about something I’m wearing, the person is either going to love me or hate me for the answer. “I found it on Poshmark.” Sometimes I get a blank stare. Sometimes they look a little crushed. Sometimes they ask for the details so they can find one themselves.

What is Poshmark? It’s basically an online consignment shop where anyone can open a closet and list their preloved items that they want to sell. It’s very easy to use, and I’ve sold a ton of clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories that don’t suit my style or don’t fit. It helps alleviate the guilt during a closet purge because I can recoup some of my money.

I also shop on there a lot when I want to find just the right thing and can’t find it in stores, or if I want to see if I can get a better deal than what’s in the stores. I often invent an item in my head and go searching to see if I can find it, like the perfect leopard flats. I’ve bought things from a $4 tee all the way up to a Burberry jacket.

The last two weeks I wrote about how to shop on Poshmark and how to sell on Poshmark. This week I thought I’d show you some of my favorite pieces that I’ve purchased on Poshmark.

The women in the Stunning Style Society get to see my Poshmark finds firsthand during my live unboxings in the private Facebook Group. I share all the details of my purchases and some links to additional ones if I can find some. This is an exclusive perk to the Society members, and we have a lot of fun during these live videos. I shared one of the videos here.

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all the details of what i bought on poshmark

These boots are from J. Crew and retailed for $350. I love the square toe and block heel, which is the trendy heel shape this season. The only problem? I bought them because she listed that they were navy. Uh, they are navy on the INSIDE, but they are definitely black on the outside. I only paid $14 for them (plus the $6.49 shipping), and so I kept them anyway because they are still fabulous. I love the shiny leather, the snug fit, the shape of the toe box and the heel.

I got this top for $6 plus shipping. I was dying for some green, and pure green wasn’t a popular color in the stores at the time, so I went in search of it on Poshmark. I found this beauty and snatched it up. It’s from the Limited. The problem? It had a major dolman sleeve. MAJOR. Like, I could carry a baby in each of my armpits. It didn’t show in the pictures. I loved the top so much that I took it to a tailor and had the sleeves fixed, and now it’s perfect. I get compliments and questions every time I wear this top.

I also purchased this Stella and Dot necklace for $19 plus shipping. I love it and wear it often. It can be worn multiple ways, but this is my favorite way to wear it.

I also got this Longchamp Le Pliage tote in a limited edition color and print. When I went to the Longchamp store on the Champs Elysee in Paris, I wanted to purchase this one, but it was sold out. I really wanted to buy a Le Pliage tote as my Paris souvenir, so I bought a color I didn’t love. I always felt dissatisfied with the muted red color that didn’t go with my clothes. I eventually sold it and found the one I truly wanted all along on Poshmark. It ended up being a wash cost-wise because I sold my bag for the same amount I purchased this one. The bag was listed at $115, but she accepted my offer of $95.

I bought these leopard flats on Poshmark for $35 plus shipping. They were listed at $45, I offered $35 and she accepted. I searched forever to find just the right leopard flats to go with my wardrobe of bold winter hues. I wrote an entire post about that here.

Lest you think I get everything for under $10 (wouldn’t that be nice?), I’m featuring two items here. The red jacket is Burberry, my favorite brand for outerwear. This is a $750 jacket, and I paid $180 plus shipping. She listed it at $225 and we negotiated to that price. It’s in like-new condition. I’ve worn it several times already this fall, and I get compliments every time.

I love that it has brushed nickel hardware and zipper instead of the round tortoise buttons. That fits more into my edgy classic style. I love the length. I also love that the lining is very light off white, gray and red instead of the standard tan. The jacket is made of a slick polyester with a slight sheen. It’s thin, lightweight, and perfect for this time of year.

Today was a little warmer, so I went for a t-shirt. In the summer I really struggle to bring in edgy details because leather, zippers, boots, and destroyed jeans just don’t usually play well with warm weather.

I love snake skin with all the heart eyes. The only problem is it is usually in warm or muted tones and a blendy pattern. I often search Poshmark for snake skin or python and when I came across this white tee with a silver snake skin pattern, I knew it wanted to come home with me. It is perfect for bringing some edge during warmer weather. The brand is DKNY Jeans, and I paid $14 plus shipping.

I searched forever for the perfect edgy black bag. When I came across this Tory Burch bag I was so smitten. It just makes my heart sing. She so rarely does silver hardware that this was a major find. In fact it is the only one I’ve seen in silver (it does come in gold and black and gold and brown). It retailed for $695 and I got it new with tags for $225. I still haven’t bought any other black bag because I haven’t found one I love more than this one. It brings all the edgy I need to any outfit.

I love leather details, zippers and stripes, and when they all came together in one glorious combination, I went weak in the knees. So weak that I decided I could squeeze into an XXS. Uh, no. So I sold that one and found my size on Poshmark. It’s by J. Crew, and I paid $15 plus shipping for the replacement.

If you know me at all, you know I have a special love of this particular turquoise hue. It’s the color of my soul, and when I come across it, I snatch it up because it is rare. The only thing I don’t love about this top is that the stripes are very creamy. It makes me crazy, but not crazy enough to stop wearing it. The brand is Ann Taylor, and I paid $7 plus shipping.

If you want to know how to use Poshmark to buy amazing things, and how to sell on Poshmark like a pro, be sure and check out those posts!

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